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Les Petits Prödiges take part in the "Black for Good"

You've probably heard about it on social networks, Les Petits Prödiges have joined the Black for Good movement. Sounds pretty good, but that doesn't quite explain how or why we do this. Today we are more than 50 brands to respond to this call from #Blackforgood, and we are all committed to defending the environment and reasonable consumption by donating part of our benefits to associations with an environmental impact . 🌿 We are not boycotting consumption, but overconsumption.

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☀ The Sun Ritual of the Little Prödiges ☀

June 21 is the Fête de la Musique, but it's mostly summer! Finally! In this new article we unveil our "Sun Ritual" to take care of your skin throughout the summer. Before, during and after sun exposure, discover our advice to pamper your skin ♡

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