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The multi-purpose balm, the Swiss army knife of the beauty routine

A universal Les Petits Prödiges balm available in different scents:
This magic balm is suitable for the whole family. Made in France, it is composed of 8 effective and natural ingredients. Respectful of your skin, it will be your beauty ally everywhere.

What if one beauty product is all you need? A balm with countless virtues, it nourishes, softens, soothes and protects your skin from all external aggressions. Suitable for the whole family, including pregnant women and children, this balm ensures you respect your skin! Formulated with only 8 natural ingredients, this multi-use balm will sum up your entire skincare routine on its own! Facial, body, hair tips, eye, hand, lip, after-sun, eczema, beard makeup remover ... it will be your beauty ally for any occasion.

Nomadic formats to transport: This face and body balm which is suitable for all skin types, both practical and nomadic, stands out as an everyday ally. Choose your size, the small 30ml fits easily in your handbag while the large 100ml stays at home for the whole family to enjoy!

A short and transparent formula: But not only… infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging with colorful design, made in France and balms with addictive texture and scents. Made in a small laboratory in the south of France, these balms are created from 7 ingredients: organic olive oil , beeswax, honey, sweet almond oil, arnica, royal jelly and vitamin E. Just that!

Treatment against eczema: Ideal for sensitive skin, a thin layer is enough for it to work, even on the most irritated or affected areas by eczema. It turns out that the magic balm, although it has no medical claims proving its effectiveness on eczema, has received numerous reviews praising its impressive effectiveness on this skin disease. If you would like more information on this subject, please read our article on eczema!
Tips for using our beauty expert:
Step 1 : Heat a small dab of balm in the palm of your hand so that the texture becomes more oily
Step 2 : Then apply the balm that has become oil on your skin and lightly massage with your fingertips using circular movements. You can optionally emulsify lightly with a little water.
Step 3 : Finish by passing a damp cotton ball on your skin in order to remove the make-up residues (foundation, mascara) and the possible surplus balm.
-14 à 16%
-23 à 31%
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