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1. Your questions about Les Petits Prödiges

Are Les Petits Prödiges products tested on animals?

No! Our balms and deodorants are 100% cruelty free , no tests have been carried out on animals!

Are Les Petits Prödiges products Vegan?

Deodorants are Vegan! For the balms, no, because among the 7 ingredients of our magic recipe, we find honey, beeswax, and royal jelly which are 3 ingredients from the hive and our friends the bees. However, no worries, no ingredients are taken from an animal directly.

Are Les Petits Prödiges products PETA certified?

No, but are indeed cruelty free! Cruelty Free

The deodorants of our first production, mainly intended for our Ulule campaign, had, on their packaging, the PETA logo because we were in the process of certification to obtain the 'Cruelty Free' label at the time of the start of production.

We stopped this certification process because, making a legal point, we were advised not to affix this logo since it could potentially be prohibited soon by French law.

We therefore immediately changed our packaging for the following productions, and no more deodorant will be marketed with this logo.
Only our commercial visuals still have it, because we were waiting to be able to do a new photo shoot with the new packaging.

However, even without this label:

  • We do NOT do ANY animal testing. 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰
  • Our deodorants are VEGANS.

Our balms are not vegan, as they contain beeswax, honey and royal jelly.

Why would this logo be banned in the near future? Because the "cruelty Free" that this logo claims means "no cruelty on animals = not tested on animals", however, in France, it is forbidden to market a product which has previously been tested on animals. French law therefore considers that to mark it explicitly on packaging would be unfair competition for brands which do not mention it.

I am pregnant, can I use Les Petits Prödiges products?

For the balm: We recommend odorless balm or coconut scent because they are essential oil free.
Lemon balm contains lemon essential oil in very low doses, but is not harmful. After consulting an expert, we recommend avoiding the application of lemon balm repeatedly on the abdominal belt during pregnancy.

For the deodorant: We have developed a special deodorant Sensitive Skin and Pregnant Women !
It is without essential oil or perfume and without baking soda. It's replaced with magnesium and more coconut oil to fight odor.

Where are Les Petits Prödiges products designed and manufactured?

Our magic balms and our deodorants were imagined in Paris. Our products are then manufactured in a small laboratory in the south of France, in Nice.

Where can I have Les Petits Prödiges products delivered? 🚚

Everywhere! We ship worldwide. And the good news is that our shipping costs in mainland France are € 3 and free for orders over € 50!

What are the delivery times?

All our deliveries are handled by the Post Office.
The delivery time in mainland France is usually 2 to 3 days but it can sometimes be longer

Is the payment secure?

Yes! We work with a banking establishment as well as with two companies specializing in online transactions (Paypal & Stripe) which encrypt all your bank details. No worries!

2. All your questions about our magic balms

Are Les Petits Prödiges balms ORGANIC?

Our balms are 100% natural. They are eligible for organic but not yet labeled organic. Indeed, to obtain the “organic” label it requires numerous tests and costly procedures which would directly impact our selling prices. We therefore preferred to do without it since anyway, our products have a short list of ingredients, all natural and for the most part organic!

What is the average lifespan of balms?

We recommend use after opening for 24 months, but testing has been done for 36 months.

How to use the balm while removing make-up?

The oily texture of the balm which turns into oil on contact with the skin allows for deep make-up removal.

For this we advise you to do it in stages as described below:

1) Heat a small dab of balm in the palm of your hand so that the texture becomes more oily
2 ) Then apply the balm turned oil on your skin and massage lightly with your fingertips (in circular movements). You can possibly emulsify lightly with a little water.
3 ) Finish by passing a damp cotton on your skin to remove the residue make-up (foundation, mascara) and any excess balm.

This is a cleansing, non-cleansing balm.
Indeed, one of the most common mistakes is to think that you are clean after removing makeup. Make-up remover is a product based on oils (conventional or dry) which act on the surface to dissolve and take off pigments, waxes, sunscreens, etc. In the second step, cleaning, which is more aqueous, penetrates slightly and removes impurities, bacteria, pollution residues ... It is therefore different and complementary.

Can I use Les Petits Prödiges balms on my child?

Yes, no problem. However, as a precaution, we recommend that you use it on babies over 3 months old.

Are balms effective for eczema and burns? 🔥

These are medical problems, which must first and foremost be treated after medical advice.
Les Petits Prödiges balms have received many favorable opinions regarding the improvement of these two conditions, but this is not the case. no case of medical treatment.
In general, a cosmetic product only acts on the upper layers of the skin.
A serious burn cannot under any circumstances be treated by the balm.

"A really great product that I take again and would take again because it lasts a long time, it is very effective as much on my baby's 'eczema as on the small daily sores. We use it every day. »Marie

« Top product! I tried it on my psoriasis on my elbows and now… It's amazing !!! Rehydrated and smooth skin. After trying dozens and dozens of creams (medicinal and natural) it is THE MIRACLE PRODUCT !!!! Beautiful, very beautiful discovery! »Hyacinth

In the INCI list of Coconut and Lemon balm there are 8 and not 7 ingredients, why? 🤷‍♀

Indeed we find in the INCI list of Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil, which corresponds to organic sunflower oil. It is present in the formula because the producer of arnica provides a mixture.We do not talk about it in our ingredients because it is present in very small quantities (less than 0.5% of the total of the formula), so these benefits are not visible on the skin

Any other questions or want to chat with us?

It's by HERE .

Is the balm nourishing or moisturizing?

The balm is a nourishing product. For information, a moisturizer contains water and therefore gives water to your cells. Once your cells are filled with water, you should then apply a nourishing balm to create a protective barrier on your cells so that the water they contain does not escape.

The balm looks oily, will I glow if I apply it to my face?

The balm is oily since it is formulated with olive oil in particular. However, it penetrates the skin very quickly and does not leave a sticky or shiny effect. We take this opportunity to remind you that a small dab is enough to nourish the entire face!

Is the balm comedogenic?

Our balm contains olive oil, which is a low comedogenic oil (a little more than avocado oil for example, but much less than coconut oil).

3. All your questions about our deodorants

How long does the deodorant last?

One day.
The deodorant does not contain any aluminum salt (which serve to clog the pores and therefore block perspiration, which is bad since your armpits no longer release toxins). It contains other ingredients that reduce perspiration in a healthy and natural way, but will not last 72 hours as some deodorants claim.

The deodorant seems to be used quite quickly

Our advice: a return trip is enough. As it doesn't necessarily leave a trace like a traditional roll-on, you may have the impression that you didn't put one on it, but yes, you did!

What is the average lifespan of the deodorant?

We recommend use after opening 9 months.

The deodorant leaves lumps or crumbles on application 😅

This is not abnormal, as it is a paste and not a liquid. To avoid this problem, you can slightly moisten the deodorant before application, or apply it when you get out of the shower when the skin is still wet.

You should also try not to get the deodorant out too much. tube, because by "entering" it to reform it, it can create lumps.

If there are some lumps left under the armpit after application, do not hesitate to spread them with your hand, they melt in contact with the heat of the skin.

Customer review on this subject: “I have read some comments which said that depending on the temperature it crumbles. I have already found the technique to avoid this discomfort: I rest for 2 to 3 seconds on my armpit and then I rub. Suddenly the body heat will have allowed the deodorant not to crumble 😊 ”

My armpits are not shaved, applying the deodorant can hurt?

Indeed, on non-shaved armpits, the 'paste' texture can pull on the hairs. The solution: Moisten the deodorant before use or apply it gently at the end of the shower and apply it in the direction of hair growth. This will also prevent the formation of any lumps that would cling to the hairs.

Another point: on non-shaved armpits, do not use the deodorant more than 2 times maximum because otherwise it will be consumed too much. quick. Hair tends to store more material and therefore consume more deodorant unnecessarily.

The deodorant sometimes leaves marks on my clothes

As with any deodorant, let it dry a few minutes after application before putting on your top.
If you have any traces of deodorant, wash off with soap and water.

< p> The deodorant is difficult to apply, the paste is "hard"

To remedy this, you can slightly moisten the deodorant before application, or apply it when coming out of the shower when the skin is still wet.

In general, the deodorant becomes more melting in contact with the heat, so you can also rub it on your skin (hand or armpit) to soften it.

Is the cardboard tube water resistant?

The cardboard tube is somewhat water resistant (it has a natural waterproof protective oil). However, because it is cardboard, it is not designed to come into frequent contact with water. Do not leave it on the edge of the sink, but rather put it in your toiletry bag or in a place less exposed to splashing.

We have chosen a biodegradable cardboard packaging instead of the traditional plastic of other deodorants, and this inevitably has consequences on its use.The packaging is more fragile and less resistant, but is also and above all less polluting, and that was our first desire 😊

The push-up system is sometimes difficult to use

If you experience a slight blocking sensation in the push-up, do not hesitate to warm the tube in your hands or in a warm room: the fact that the dough softens will facilitate the push < / p>

When I reach the end of the deodorant, my finger is too small to push to the end of the tube ☝

Since the first production, we we have reworked the packaging so that this problem is solved as much as possible. Thanks to these changes, you should be able to push all the way.

Small tips for those who have the old version: you can use your toothbrush handle to push when you get to the end 😊

If I take the deodorant out of the tube too much, it gets damaged when I close it

This problem should, by our change of packaging after the first production, also be adjusted.
Otherwise, before closing the tube, push the deodorant back with your fingers so that it sinks in.

The price is high, why?

Our laboratory is in France.
The ingredients are of high quality and of natural origin.
The choice of innovative and rare packaging: unfortunately, to be less expensive, you have to turn to plastic, which is very polluting.

The tube does not seem to be 100% full, is it normal? 🙄

Yes. We have chosen a container large enough for better handling and ease of application. But the deodorants are full at 50g, don't worry. 😊

Do all deodorants contain essential oils?

No, we have developed the special deodorant Sensitive Skin and Pregnant Women , without essential oil, without perfume and without baking soda.

< br />

4. All your questions about our cold-produced soaps

What are the benefits of your soap? 🧼

Our soap has been made with 3 oils / butters for soft and nourished skin:

- Organic Olive Oil for foaming and washing power.

- Organic Coconut Oil for softness.

-Organic Shea Butter for skin protection.

What are the advantages of cold production? ❄️

Cold production preserves natural vegetable oils and fatty substances for very soft skin!

In addition, during the manufacture of "classic" so-called hot soaps, glycerin is gradually withdrawn for use in the cosmetics industry. This is not the case with cold saponification; glycerin, produced naturally from organic butters and vegetable oils, is left in the soap.

Is the packaging really Zero Waste? ♻️

Absolutely! The cardboard, which contains no glue or plastic, is recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

From what age is it possible to use soap?

There is no contraindication for children over 3 years old.

5. All your questions about our solid shampoos

Does shampoo foam as much as regular shampoo? 🛁

Yes, it produces a creamy and generous foam so that its use is as pleasant as possible!

Is the packaging really Zero Waste? ♻️

Absolutely! The cardboard, which contains no glue or plastic, is recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

How many washes does shampoo represent? 🚿

Our solid shampoo is the equivalent of two bottles of liquid shampoo!

Does the shampoo contain sulphates? 🧪

For the moment we have not found a way to make a shampoo without sulphate so there is actually a little Sodium coco-sulfate (SCS) in our product. For information, SCS is obtained by sulfonation of fatty acids from coconut and is widely used as a base for solid shampoos. It is one of the least irritating sulphates that exist and is even authorized in organic!

SCI is also a surfactant which also contains sulphates derived from coconut oil, although it is not also evident in the name. Unfortunately, there is very little (if any) SOLID sulfate-free foaming agent.

What are the advantages of a solid shampoo VS a regular shampoo? 🙋🏽

- 1 Les Petits Prödiges shampoo = 2 plastic bottles of liquid product, therefore savings.

- Completely biodegradable packaging.

- More natural formulas .

- Minimalist formulas, a far cry from classic shampoos which have an average of 30 to 40 ingredients (and a lot of water!)

From at what age can shampoo be used?

There is no contraindication for children under 3 years old.

6. Toutes vos questions sur nos poudres nettoyantes visage

Pourquoi avoir choisi un emballage en aluminium et non pas en carton ?

Après mûre réflexion, nous avons décidé d’opter pour un flacon en aluminium, matériau recyclable à l’infini, plutôt qu’un tube en carton, tout simplement car l’immense majorité du temps, les nettoyants visage restent à la salle de bain, et souvent sur le rebord du lavabo. Ne souhaitant pas que le contenant se dégrade avec l’humidité, nous avons fait ce choix de l’aluminium, à la fois résistant à l’eau, léger et éco responsable.

En quoi est fabriqué le capuchon ?

Le capuchon est en plastique 100% recyclable. Lorsque la Poudre Nettoyante est terminée, il faut veiller à bien séparer le flacon et le capuchon, avant de les placer tous les deux dans le bac jaune.

La Poudre Nettoyante contient-elle des allergènes ?

La senteur Coco ne contient pas d’allergènes, tandis que la senteur Fleur de Coton contient 3 dérivés d’huiles essentielles potentiellement allergisants, présents dans le parfum : le Limonène, le Linalol et le Géraniol.

Est-ce que la Poudre Nettoyante Coco contient de l’huile de coco ?
Non, elle n’en contient pas : son parfum de coco 100% d’origine naturelle a été reproduit par un talentueux parfumeur dans le sud de la France sans utiliser d’huile de coco.

Convient-elle à toutes les peaux ?

Oui, elle convient à tous les types de peau, même les plus sensibles et réactives.

Pourquoi avoir choisi de formuler une poudre et pas un nettoyant solide ?

Nous souhaitions concevoir un nettoyant visage à la fois 100% naturel, sensoriel, efficace, pratique et contenu dans l’emballage le plus éco responsable possible : c’est pourquoi nous avons choisi cette texture poudre qui se transforme en mousse, d’abord pour son côté innovant et ludique, mais aussi pour sa légèreté qui permet de l’emporter avec soi en déplacement sans alourdir sa trousse de toilette.

Quelle est sa durée d’utilisation ?

Son format de 25g permet environ 60 utilisations, soit mois pour un usage quotidien. Les nettoyants visage solides ont généralement un format 50g pour la même durée d’utilisation, donc la Poudre Nettoyante est 2 fois plus légère.

Est-ce que la Poudre Nettoyante démaquille ?

Non, ce n’est pas sa fonction première. Si vous portez du maquillage ou un écran solaire, nous recommandons de procéder d’abord à un 1er nettoyage à l’aide d’un produit huileux, tel qu’un baume ou une huile démaquillante, qui viennent aisément dissoudre les résidus de maquillage grâce à leurs corps gras.

Nous conseillons d’utiliser le Baume Multi-Usages Les Petits Prödiges comme démaquillant.

Quels sont ses bienfaits ?

La Poudre Nettoyante élimine les impuretés du quotidien tout en respectant le film hydrolipidique cutané, sans dessécher ni provoquer de sensations de tiraillements, grâce à deux agents moussants parmi les plus doux du marché (le sodium lauroyl glutamate et le sodium myristoyl glutamate).

Elle contient également de la poudre de riz bio ultra-fine, imperceptible au toucher, qui exfolie tout en douceur. Jour après jour, elle aide à retirer les peaux mortes, à désincruster les pores et à lisser le grain de peau.

Résultats : la peau est propre et incroyablement douce, le teint est frais et plus lumineux.

7. Toutes vos questions sur nos après-shampoings

L’Après-Shampoing Solide est-il aussi efficace qu’un après-shampoing classique ?

Si vous recherchez un après-shampoing qui adoucit et facilite le démêlage : absolument ! Son huile de coco et son beurre de karité permettent de nourrir et de gainer la fibre capillaire sans l’alourdir. Si vos cheveux ont besoin de davantage de nutrition au quotidien, notamment s’ils sont bouclés ou crépus, nous vous conseillons de compléter votre routine avec des huiles et des soins sans rinçage qui vont venir fortifier et définir le cheveu.

Son emballage est-il vraiment 0 déchet ?

Bien évidemment, un emballage, c’est toujours un déchet en plus ! Mais nous avons fait de notre mieux pour que son impact environnemental soit le plus minime possible : 100% recyclable et biodégradable, son étui en carton est fabriqué à partir de cellulose de bois provenant de forêts gérées durablement, imprimé à l’encre végétale, garanti sans colle ni plastique.

Quelle est sa durée d’utilisation ?

En fonction de la longueur de vos cheveux et de votre fréquence de lavage, notre après-shampoing permet plus de 60 utilisations, ce qui équivaut à environ 4 mois d’utilisation pour un lavage 1 jour sur 2.

À partir de quel âge peut-il être utilisé ?

Notre après-shampoing peut être appliqué sur les cheveux des enfants dès 3 ans.

L’Après-Shampoing Solide contient-il des sulfates et des silicones ?

Non, notre après-shampoing ne contient ni sulfates ni silicones – nous avons par ailleurs choisi d’exclure les ammoniums quaternaires (aussi appelés quats) qui servent de substituts aux silicones. Comme ces derniers, ils s’accumulent au fil du temps et finissent par alourdir la fibre capillaire.

Quels sont les avantages d’un après-shampoing solide VS un après-shampoing classique ?

Un après-shampoing solide est plus économique, plus pratique et plus écologique qu’un après-shampoing conventionnel :

- Un pain d'après-shampoing de 50g équivaut à environ 2 bouteilles classiques d'après-shampoing de 250ml, selon les routines capillaires de chacun-e.

- Légère et nomade, sa forme compact se glisse facilement dans votre trousse de toilette lors de vos déplacements.

- Fini les bouteilles en plastique encombrantes ! Adopter une routine capillaire solide permet de réduire son impact sur la planète et de faire de la place dans sa salle de bain.

- Formulé sans eau, il n'a besoin d'aucun conservateur ajouté pour prolonger sa durée de vie.

Faut-il l'appliquer sur tous les cheveux (comme un masque) ou uniquement sur les longueurs ?

Si vos cheveux sont secs ou abîmés, vous pouvez l'appliquer des racines jusqu'aux pointes pour un soin complet, en évitant le cuir chevelu. Si vos cheveux ont tendance à vite regraisser, nous vous conseillons de l'appliquer seulement sur vos longueurs.

6. Others

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