Who are we ?

Les Petits Prödiges - Camille Brégeaut & Clémentine Granet

Hello hello,

The creators of Les Petits Prödiges are us, Camille and Clémentine.
We got to know each other on the business school benches and we quickly became best friends.
We then worked in the cosmetics sector and realized:
we use a lot too many products on a daily basis. Too many, too expensive and harmful.
We then had the idea of ​​creating Les Petits Prödiges multi-use balms,
in a small laboratory in the south of France.
Welcome to our world!

Our story

Do you want to know a little more about us?
As we told you above, we are Camille (originally from Cannes,
grew up between Moscow, Yerevan and Prague) and Clémentine (Parisian ).
Passionate about cosmetics, we are often said to be dynamic and sparkling!
One evening in January 2017, while we were dining together,
our idea was born and we did not did not hesitate to embark on this great adventure!

To be able to launch our business, we looked for a third person to complete our profiles.
We met a chemist in a small laboratory in the South of France.
A real crush! She helped us refine our recipe
and had the prodigious idea to add vitamin E as a natural preservative.
We launched our 100% natural multi-purpose balm with only 7 ingredients, at the end of the year 2017.

Valuable support

At the end of 2018, we launched our 1st crowdfunding campaign on Ulule .
This allowed us to quickly see the general enthusiasm for our
project and to build our first base of data from loyal customers, our ambassadors.
Our project has been funded at more than 400%. We reached 100% of our goal in one day!

Since then, we have launched two other campaigns: one for our deodorants in 2019 and one for our solid soaps & shampoos in 2020 !

Our philosophy

Our goal: Back to Basics!
Getting back to basics, simplifying the beauty routine and making it greener, while respecting your skin!
We think of you and the planet. We absolutely want our products to be
natural, eco-responsible and made in France.
They are not tested on animals, do not contain parabens, preservatives, sulphates or alcohol.
And the plus: they smell good and are beautiful. This may seem like a detail to you, but we were keen to break down the negative assumptions about natural cosmetics.
Many think that the smells are very raw, the packaging ugly and the prices high!
The icing on the cake cake, they are very reasonably priced.

Our products

We first launched the magic, multi-purpose balms.
We suggest l e odorless balm , l e lemon balm , coconut balm and more recently Fleur de Coton balm .
They can be used endlessly: in facial care, body care, makeup remover balm,
lip balm, hair care, etc. and, according to the testimonials of our clients,
care for small burns and treatment against eczema!
Our favorite use?
For me, Camille, it is as an evening mask and for Me Clémentine, it is by removing make-up.

Then, we launched our deodorants which have the particularity of being in a recyclable and biodegradable cardboard pack: 0 plastic!
They contain ingredients of exclusively natural origin and are available in three different scents:
Lemon & Bergamot , Fleur de Coton and Charcoal & Eucalyptus
We recently launched special deodorant for Sensitive Skin and Pregnant Women !

More recently, we launched our solid soaps & shampoos. Natural, French, eco-responsible, efficient and foaming, they have it all! You can find our soaps & shampoos in 2 different scents: Cotton flower and Almond.

We also offer various accessories: Reusable Cottons , Soap dish in loofah or Waterproof transport pouch !

To sum up, with Les Petits Prödiges, we want to offer a 100% natural cosmetics brand, made in France and made with love!
See you soon in your bathroom, in your handbag and wherever you go will want! ♡

Camille and Clémentine.