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The Feast of our Mamounettes ♡

Fête des Mères Les Petits Prödiges

"In May, do what you want!"… or almost! Do not forget the birthday of our adored moms and give him what he likes!

By the way, do you know the origin of this tradition?

Well no, it is not Marshal Pétain who is the initiator. He effectively formalized Mother's Day but with the sole aim of repopulating France during the war and drawing attention to the major role of the housewife…!
We are therefore far from the idea of ​​celebrating mothers!
Mother's Day was already celebrated by the Greeks in honor of the deity Rhea who had saved her son Zeus from the clutches of his own father.

However the "modern" version of Mother's Day comes to us from the United States where in 1907, a woman (obviously!), Anne Jarnis, on the premature death of her mother asked the authorities to set up a ceremony (which will become thereafter an official national holiday) in honor of all the mothers of the world! Unable to get there, she sent 500 white carnations; this is the first time that this event has been associated with flowers.

fleur nature

Okay, let's go back to France and the appearance of gifts. The necklace of noodles that delights all mothers nevertheless dates from Pétain since he made Mother's Day a family celebration supported by children supervised by school teachers!

Then, in the 60s, offering a salad spinner or an iron was synonymous with "liberation of women" (a movement operated by a famous brand of household appliances)!

Today, Mother's Day is finally a true declaration of love to our darling mom.

Give her the best of the best: gifts made with love to pamper yourself and take care of yourself.

At Les Petits Prödiges we have made the perfect box for you!

Our three multi-use balms Coconut, Lemon and Odorless as well as a scented candle with fig offered , all 100% natural & made in France!

I offer him ♡

Coffret fête des mères

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