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Female entrepreneurship

Today, we wanted to tackle a subject that is particularly close to our hearts: Female entrepreneurship.

The future is Female - Les Petits Prödiges

Indeed, when we embarked on the adventure, in November 2017, we really made a huge parachute jump: we left our respective jobs and invested our savings… A big challenge that was just beginning.
After 7 months of adventure, we have made good progress and we do not regret for a second to have launched!
So, yes, there are ups and downs, but as in any adventure! And what we wanted to show you through this article is that, daring to take the plunge is a unique experience worth having.

And because we have supported female entrepreneurship since day one, we have agreed to be ambassadors for the super program " Les Elles by Contrex , which pushes women to get started.

You will find our interview here .

Camille & Clémentine - Les Petits Prödiges - Les Elles by Contrex

Les Elles by Contrex - Les Petits Prödiges

So, then, let's get down to business ... With a few numbers to start!

In France, women represent:

  • 87% of nurses
  • 65% of teachers

Did you say “stereotype”?

Yes because, at the same time, women also represent and only :

  • 23% of writers,
  • 33% of associations,
  • 16% of surgeons
  • 15% of business leaders *
  • 8% of female entrepreneurs

Only 18% of women feel the urge and the shoulders to start their business ...

We realize all the same that prejudices die hard and mentalities change slowly ...

Just a quick reminder: it is only since 1965 that our mothers have the right to open a bank account without the authorization of their dear husband!
No no, this is not a joke ...

Even in 2018, women feel less legitimate than men to get started because they doubt their professional skills and lack self-confidence. Thank you for the weight of the collective unconscious and education!

But, let's be positive and consider the glass to be half full.

"The woman is the future of the man" as Aragon said so well, and in 2018 the future belongs to the entrepreneurs!

A new generation is on the march, that of “ Millenials” .
Indeed, the most entrepreneurial age group among women is the 25-34 age group .
And several studies show that women of this generation are more self-confident! Phew, we finally get out of the stereotypes and move on!

So what makes a woman get up one morning and decide to become an entrepreneur?
Difficult to list an exhaustive list of the motivations that are of course very different from one woman to another; but let's try.

This is because:
♡ We need to realize ourselves and better mobilize our skills
♡ We have a thoughtful idea, a passion for a product or a profession
♡ We want to ensure our own job
♡ We want to support a fulfilling life project (69% of women believe that it is fulfilling to create a business. Oops, more figures!) and improve their quality of life) < / p>

And we still have plenty more….

Now, if we painted a portrait of the young entrepreneur?
♡ She is passionate and determined
♡ She wants to break the codes and reverse the clichés
♡ She is not afraid of 'show her ambitions
♡ She makes full use of the D system
♡ She is addicted to the Internet and social networks
♡ She has many hats
♡ She is hardworking, organized and resilient
♡ She knows how to surround herself

On the other hand, she would be afraid of debt and not succeeding in raising enough funds

Of course, there are as many different motivations and portraits as there are women entrepreneurs!

But they all have one thing in common ...
They wanted to, they let go, they dared !!

Girl power

They thought they had a promising concept, they put it to the test, thought big and refined it later!

"At the origin of all success, there is the fact of having dared", said Jacques Audiberti, contemporary writer.
Of course, it's easy to say but start his start-up is not an easy task!

Rest assured, the designers are not alone!

It is very important to rely on a network when you are starting out, to exchange ideas and to benefit from the power of professional relations circles.

This is why, for those who want to take the plunge but need a little additional help, we quote you, in the second part of this article, full of good plans in order to be supported (incubators, associations, Business Angels, etc.).

Some of the most famous female incubators :

- The First , 1 st female entrepreneurship network with more than 20 incubators and nurseries dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs and creators of sustainable employment. It offers personalized support and project hosting for 1 year.

- Willa (Ex-Paris Pionnières), 1 er diversity accelerator (at least 1 woman in the management team). It supports women by developing thematic partnerships with external structures

Associations are also very active in terms of networks :

- Action'elles , an association which supports women over the long term in the creation and development of their business and puts them in touch with experienced business leaders

- Girlz in Web , an association dedicated to promoting women in the digital world to help them progress. It promotes the internal network for meetings on the digital theme

- StartHer , supports women passionate about technology and organizes events focused on innovation and new technologies

- Women Entrepreneurs , promotes female entrepreneurship in all its initiatives and gives visibility to women entrepreneurs

The grandes écoles have also embarked on the promotion of female entrepreneurship :

- ESSEC with Entreprendre au feminine , supports women by providing legal, marketing, accounting and strategic fundamentals

- The HEC Paris Entrepreneurship Center organizes training seminars " HEC Stand up " intended primarily for women from neighborhoods with a positive impact creation project

Finally, we found a single network of female "business angels" in France :

- Femmes Business Angels , connects innovative project leaders with investors ready to invest between 100,000 and 1 million euros.

There you go, ready for Adventure Ladies ??

Girls empowerment

If you need advice, don't hesitate to send us a little email at hello @ lespetitsprodigescom .

* 20 employees and more


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