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The winter routine of Les Petits Prödiges

The Little Prödiges winter routine

Winter is already well established, and with it temperatures that make us shiver. But if we are prepared to bring out our down jackets and mittens for the ski season, we tend to neglect our skin, which is however strained by the cold!

Don't panic, at Les Petits Prödiges, we've put together a list of 10 tips to take care of your skin in winter!

1. The basis: feed, feed!

With the cold, the skin dries out faster and needs more nutrition. Opt for a more moisturizing cream or a oily balm which will help the cells to regenerate. A little advice : apply them while massaging, this will promote microcirculation and offer you a moment of relaxation.

2. Change your makeup remover routine

Classic micellar waters will tend to attack already weakened skin even more. So we turn to milks or cleansing balms , softer and which will take care of your skin. They contain moisturizers and vitamin E for protected and hydrated skin.

3. Don't forget the sunscreen

Just because we see the sun less does not mean that it is no longer present! And its rays continue to attack your skin. A little advice: choose a day cream containing UV protection!

4. Protect your lips

Who says cold says chapped lips. So we don't hesitate to spread nourishing balm all day long! A little advice: for the most flirtatious who prefer a lipstick, opt for melting and moisturizing textures that will not dry out your lips.

5. Don't be afraid to exfoliate!

In winter, we tend to exfoliate our skin less so as not to weaken it. But a weekly scrub will get rid of dead cells and make your products penetrate more easily (which will increase their effectiveness). Quick tip: Choose a gentle exfoliation, and don't overdo it to avoid sensitizing your skin.

6. Make yourself masks

For optimal hydration, apply an ultra-hydrating and nourishing mask once a week. Your skin will no longer be dry and tight, you will see the effect instantly! A little advice: make your mask right after exfoliation to maximize its effectiveness.

Even if your face is the most exposed to the cold, don't neglect the rest of your body!

7. Take care of your hands

Your hands are also weakened by seasonal bad weather. Remember to apply a hand cream every day!

8. Forget too hot water

As we know, when it's cold, there is a great temptation to take refuge in a bath or under a hot shower. But too hot water dries out skin and hair ... not ideal! So we resist and instead we snuggle up against a hot water bottle or under a soft blanket to warm up.

9. Drink ... a lot!

The cold doesn't make us want to drink. Yet it dehydrates, and hydrated skin also comes from the water you drink. We recommend about 8 glasses of water per day. Little advice: Treat yourself and warm up with herbal teas and teas!

10.Care right through to the ends

Taking care of your hair in winter is as important as taking care of your skin Turn to moisturizing shampoos, and don't hesitate to apply a mask or a balm on your lengths and ends.

Lots of tips is great, but it'll end up making a lot of products right? Well, not necessarily, since we have designed 1 product that combines a good number of these uses: our multi-use balm that you can use for face, body, hair, hands , lips, makeup remover… and many more! In addition, its formula is 100% natural to only do you good by providing you with only the essentials, all the more reason to indulge yourself!

If you want to know more about this magic balm, which is suitable for all skin types, this article is for you!


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