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Slow Life: 7 tips for adopting this new way of life!

At Les Petits Prödiges, our main mission is to encourage you as much as possible to consume cosmetics that are healthier and more responsible for you and the environment, but not only…
Beyond the clean beauty routine, we will help you recommend adopting a whole daily lifestyle that will lighten your mind as well as our beloved planet.

Whether we are an entrepreneur, an employee, a stay-at-home father or mother or any other sometimes draining profession, we have all at one time or another in our life wanted to slow down the pace of this perpetual craze that is life.
What if we definitively put an end to this infinite quest in order to dedicate ourselves for good to this body and earth symbiosis, that is to say the slow life ?

Okay, okay, Slow Life sounds good, but what is it really?

Slow vs. Fast

slow life is a rhythm of life that is opposed to fast living . The principle is to regain possession of your schedule and to live at the rate of the planet's resources .
So we say goodbye to frenzied days but be careful, there is no question of marginalizing yourself! It's an art of living envisions that one immerses oneself in the physical environment in order to reconnect this lost link with nature.


It is indeed a " art of living " that is not the easiest to adopt, that's why we're here to help you find your way around. We are all the same in 2019 and it is surely not a secret for you, but our planet is in danger and the success of the slow life is no accident .

Need vs. Desire

Before giving you any tips for adopting this lifestyle, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals before you can make them your own. The first and most important is to differentiate the need from envy .

It is important to return to the source of societal decline vis-à-vis the environment and our economic system. slow life intends to go back to basics and therefore to adopt a rhythm consistent with our long-term needs and no longer base his choices on the urge that lasts only for a moment. A nuance that should not be overlooked, focusing on your needs does not mean that you put your happiness aside. We only favor happiness over fleeting desires which very (and too) often push us to consumption.

Today, as much as we are, we have been trapped in the vicious circle of overconsumption which, contrary to what is commonly said, affects the population as much as the environment.
Making the difference between your needs and desires as well as between your happiness and passing impulses for consumption is to rethink where and how you find pleasure . Our societal model has been able to create ephemeral pleasures and desires which force the repetition of satisfaction and which only falsely contributes to happiness.
By adopting slow life , we gradually relearn how to be happy thanks to the simplicity by replacing the “hardware” by the “ necessary ”.

We suggest you try this little exercise : take 10 minutes to lie down in the grass watching the sky, listening to the birds and feeling gratitude for those around us. It’s about ten minutes that we don’t usually take anymore, it’s time for ourselves.Taking care of yourself does not only mean buying a new lipstick, or a new product of some kind, no it is also putting yourself in a situation to appreciate the simplicity of a moment that cuts us off from everyday life and that brings us closer to ourselves and to nature

The slow life is therefore knowing how to experience intense happiness to observe and become aware of your environment by giving time to time, hence the term slow .
For a less abstract concept, we suggest you take a look at the Maslow Pyramid which concisely summarizes our psychological, physiological and social needs. Note that overconsumption does not appear there ...

That being said, in addition to being a state of mind, the slow way of life, these are practices applicable to everyday life . It is quite possible to learn about this way of life by changing some of our habits, which are not always very thoughtful and concerned about our well-being and that of our planet. We enlighten you.

Our 7 practical tips

1. Do one task at a time

It is well known and democratized: at the age when smartphones are bursting into our daily lives, we think we can be able to perform two or even more tasks simultaneously. Well in truth, it is only an illusion to be more efficient and faster, because multi-tasking is extremely tiring. By sometimes soliciting two distinct areas of our brain, we tire our nervous system and therefore our body. It is better to focus on one task at a time instead of combining.

For example : At breakfast, you focus on your surroundings and the action of eating, rather than immersing yourself in your emails before you even arrive at work ! We take the time to awaken our body and our brain!

2. Meditate

"If you can't find calm, here and now, where and when will you find it?" ". Ask yourself this question, and if like us, you cannot find the answer, meditation is surely one of the first steps to take to find peace with yourself .

No need to know anything about it: there are dozens of books that will guide you in this process, for example Meditating in nature of Philippe Roch. For the more connected, there are also apps available on your smartphone that only require a few minutes of your time a day to try to make a difference. So we download Petit Bambou , Headspace or even Mind .

3. Listening to yourself and others

Living slower is synonymous with listening to yourself to better meet your needs by taking care of your body and your organism. Taking your time and becoming aware of those around you also means learning to listen and get to know others better.
In summary, to fully enjoy, we dedicate our time equitably to ourselves and to others to find a better harmony of inner and outer life.

4. Awaken your senses by developing your creativity

In order to take your time to reconnect with yourself and your personal abilities, you try to do things with your hands or all kinds of creative activities that allow to disconnect of the world of digita l and to concentrate on what we like to do, on what we want to do and especially on what we give ourselves the time to do.

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5.Swap city walks for nature walks

It is good to live among trees, animals and unpolluted healthy air So if we all know that pollution in cities is dazzling and causes all kinds of diseases (respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, heart and lung disease, increases the risk of lung cancer…), why don't we take advantage of nature and its benefits more regularly?

Just as our eyes sometimes need a break from the screens, our bodies need a break from all the pollution that is inflicted on them.

6. Slow food

Who says slow life not only says environmental coherence but also social. In this case, we favor fair trade and purchase from small local traders rather than shopping in a supermarket where product traceability is not guaranteed. and does not contribute to the development of local shops. Knowing that you are doing a service to local traders should be a source of satisfaction.

7. Slow cosmetics

Fewer bottles, less expense, more noble and healthier products ... There are only good reasons to adopt minimalism in your bathroom ! When you read a few figures from the Slow Cosmétique association , you realize the urgency to change your cosmetics habits. The hour is serious:

- 75,000 tonnes of packaging of cosmetic and hygiene products are thrown away each year.
- 965 € are devoted to the world of cosmetics per household and per year.
- 1000 cosmetics containing undesirable substances were identified by the association "UFC-Que-Choisir" in 2017.

In other words, we consume too much , and not well enough .

The solution available to us with slow cosmetics is to simply get back to basics . Failing to stop consuming, we consume better, that is to say, we consume products that are greener, healthier, smarter and more also more reasonable in terms of price. Slow cosmetics works in parallel with Slow food, the idea is to favor local brands with products that have a reasonable carbon footprint !

For those who have the time and love the Do It Yourself , it is more and more common to make your own cosmetics, there are kits to make them, with healthy products, generally zero waste and in addition it ' is a pretty cool manual activity!

For those in a hurry, we opt for products that effectively combine the winning trio of cleansing / hydration / protection that the skin needs.

For example, you have Les Petits Prödiges multi-purpose balm : a 100% natural balm which can replace at least 7 cosmetic products!


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La volonté d’un retour à ce qui nous est essentiel. Je crois que c’est la première étape avant de se lancer dans les résolutions en tout genre. Ça permet d’arriver vraiment à un résultat plus slow, plus lent qui est pérenne dans le temps…

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