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☀ The Sun Ritual of the Little Prödiges ☀

Les Petits Prödiges x Rituel Soleil

We couldn't believe it anymore… He had tempted us a few weeks ago and then lost company! But today that's it, it's summer and the sun which has timidly pointed the tip of its nose seems to want to settle.

So we only think about sunbathing, we've wasted enough time! But be careful not to fall into the trap of rushing by forgetting all the rules of common sense!

In this article, we suggest a "Sun Ritual" to spend a serene summer.

Les Petits Prödiges x Rituel Soleil

Step 1: BEFORE - Prepare your skin for the sun

You're going to tell us that you already know all the advice, that you've read all the magazines and blogs on the subject, but come on, it doesn't hurt to give it a little more.

We make you the list of friends who wish you good and above all we give you our opinion.

  • A suitable diet

Choose the right foods to naturally prepare your skin for exposure.

- The 1st: The carrot!
Eat it in all its forms: grated, raw or steamed ...
You don't don't have time to prepare it? No excuse: in juice or smoothie, that also works!
Why the carrot already?
This delicious vegetable with a high vitamin and beta-carotene content improves skin protection by helping it fight against the dangerous effects of UV rays.
Not a fan of carrots?
Replace it with other fruits and vegetables rich in carotene pigment: apricot, melon, parsley, lamb's lettuce, watermelon, tomato with skin, green vegetables, etc.
In addition, they will give your skin a natural tan.

- Fish: Also eat fish rich in omega 3 (sardines, tuna, salmon) to prevent the inevitable dehydration due to UV rays.

- Water: Drink unlimited plain water (1.5L per day).
Do you find that boring? Decorate it with strawberries, lemon or mint leaves (The Must? Eliminate a few glasses of alcohol or cups of coffee)

Les Petits Prodiges - Jus detox

  • Food supplements (to be consumed in moderation)

If you are not a fan of raw vegetables, you can take beta-carotene or lycopene capsules (tips: found naturally in tomatoes).

Our advice:
They are not essential
They are contraindicated for smokers and ex-smokers

But some positive points:
If you are prone to solar allergies (benign summer lucitis for connoisseurs ) they make it possible to reduce intolerance reactions during the first exposure
They act as an activator and prolonger of tanning.
For you the luminous complexion that will make the holidays last!

  • Good hydration

First reflex of the special summer beauty program: Moisturize to tan quickly and better!
One month before the beach (during and after also, but we come back to it later), moisturize and nourish your skin with a cream rich. It will thus be less sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun.

Tips Les Petits Prödiges : After each shower, you can apply the multi-purpose balm Les Petits Prödiges on the face and body, without moderation.
Thanks to its natural formula rich in olive oil in particular, it prevents dryness of the skin. Its sweet almond oil also helps your skin maintain elasticity and suppleness.
If you want more information on the prodigious ingredients of our balm, do not hesitate to read our article on this subject, or even our articles on the benefits of Oil Olive or even Royal Jelly
Well hydrated skin will be more beautiful, stronger and better protected!

  • Erase, exfoliate!

The scrub rids your skin of all dead cells and stimulates blood circulation. It boosts the skin, your tan will be faster and more uniform.
A few days before departure, take your horsehair glove and insist on the driest parts (knees, elbows, heels).

Tips Les Petits Prödiges : Are you going to have a small hammam with your friends to pamper your skin in depth (there is worse advice, right?)

⚠ UV sessions & self-tanners? AVOID! ⚠

Contrary to popular belief, UV in the cabin does not protect the skin from sunburn and even makes it more sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun. Self-tanners allow you to show off a pretty complexion but do not replace protection (unless they are combined with a sun filter).

So in summary, let's stay natural in our "sun beauty" routine: Eat healthy, hydrate and scrub!

Step 2: DURING - Here we are, we expose ourselves!

No need to remind you (though?): 1st days = short exposures.
You don't lie down for hours without protection (without wanting to panic, some words like melanoma or carcinoma do not sound good to the ear ... )
Apply sunscreen with an appropriate index for your skin type.
The clues, yes it's a bit complicated!

One thing is certain: The fact that the index is high will not prevent you from tanning .
The cream filters only the bad harmful rays.

So, index 10, 20, 30 or 50?
It must be adapted to your "phototype" (= type of skin + ability to tan).
For example: Skin clear (and difficult to tan), blond or chestnut hair, freckles and tendency to sunburn = Phototype III (There are 6 of them), therefore protection index to be favored: between 30 and 50.
Once the cream chosen, renew the application every 2 hours.
And if your skin is dry, use a rich moisturizing cream instead; if, on the other hand, your skin tends to be oily, opt for a spray (or dry oil) which will avoid clogging the pores.

Les Petits Prodiges - conseils soleil

Step 3: AFTER - We soothe and nourish after exposure

  • The shower

We take a real shower because salt and chlorine dehydrate the skin.
We use a gentle cleansing gel and rinse our hair thoroughly.

  • Drink without moderation

Hydrate from the inside with 1 or 2 large glasses of water, cold soups (melon, strawberries, tomatoes) or fresh herbal teas (verbena, mint).
Avoid soda which does not quench your thirst.

Tips Les Petits Prödiges: We tested the SUMMER IN LØV herbal tea by LØV ORGANIC and we are absolute fans!

  • Hydrate, nourish and repair your skin

Apply a moisturizer to your skin and hair
Ideally, you choose a treatment that is both rehydrating and restorative (with antioxidants such as vitamin E) which will help the skin and hair to regenerate .

Tips n ° 1 Les Petits Prödiges: Les Balumes Les Petits Prödiges will clearly be your allies in the harsh post-mission sun With just one product, you will nourish and repair your skin in the blink of an eye.
We also strongly recommend them to soothe sunburns (also effective than Biafine, for having tested!), and the unsightly and painful redness will turn into a perfect tan the next day (Well, if possible, avoid sunburn it will be even better!).

Tips n ° 2 Les Petits Prödiges : The balm turns into oil on contact with the heat of the skin, so do not hesitate to use it for nourish your dry ends and damaged by sea / swimming pool water.

And now, on your marks, get set, tan!

Les Petits Prodiges - conseils soleil


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