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The co-founders interviewed by Prescription Lab!


Our Odorless Multi-Purpose Balm is in the Prescription Box for June!

On this occasion, Prescription Lab interviewed Camille and Clémentine, the two founders of Les Petits Prödiges.

This is the opportunity to learn more about their entrepreneurial journey, the choices they made when creating the brand but also their meeting, the values ​​they advocate and what they like to do of their free time! A lively, complete and inspiring interview.

  • You met at a business school, what was your first impression of each other?

It was during a ski trip organized by the school that we got together never to separate again. Our respective impressions were the same interests, the same taste for travel, projects. Our complementary personalities immediately hooked.

We quickly discussed an entrepreneurial project, we imagined what adventure would be ours after our studies.

  • So, this first impression, was it correct?

Yes, clearly, we weren't wrong! We are still very friends in addition to being associates, which was a challenge because it is not always easy to mix professional and personal life. In our case, it was and still is a huge success!

Whether it is in terms of our personalities or our professional skills, we remain super complementary and we learn from each other every day, even after 3 years of adventure.

  • Les Petits Prödiges was created around dinner, do you remember what you ate? (We miss the restaurants so we give in to nostalgia).

Not easy as a question! We don't remember it exactly, but without taking too much risk it was probably a good salad made with quinoa and a glass of rosé: our flagship menu at the time, during our nightly work evenings before leaving our jobs!

  • Why did you choose a balm as your first product?

Beyond a simple balm , what really appealed to us was the multi-function side of it.
Our goal was really to get back to basics, d 'stop overconsumption by offering a balm that sums up the entire skincare routine in itself. “1 product that replaces 10” was indeed a concept that was close to our hearts. Also, launching with a single product rather than a whole range at once was safer at the start, in financial terms because we are self-financed from the first day and we have therefore always been very careful about our expenses for remain profitable.

  • The crowdfunding for your first product reached its goal in 24 hours, tell us about this day, did you expect such enthusiasm?

We didn't expect it at all and we were pleasantly surprised, for sure! You should know that at the time, crowdfunding campaigns for cosmetic brand launches were not at all "the norm" and only 3 brands before us had launched with relative success on Ulule. Today we see new brands every day on these platforms, but at the time we had few comparisons to set goals and achieving ours in less than 24 hours was really super motivating for starting an entrepreneurial project. .We immediately saw the enthusiasm for the concept, and this confirmed our approach!

  • Where does that cute little umlaut in your brand name come from?

This is the question that comes up most often!
We chose Ö from “Les Petits Prödiges” because it is borrowed from the Scandinavian alphabet, a region for which the “Back to basics” way of life (which they call “Hygge”) is already democratized and installed for a while now!
And then graphically, we liked this little originality

  • You seem to be really on the move, what is THE trip you absolutely want to take when Manu gives us the green light?

It's true that Camille like me love to travel to the four corners of the world to discover new cultures, landscapes, etc. We are frustrated, like everyone else, to be confined; but we hope that will change quickly.
Afterwards, we also realize that traveling far means taking the plane, and we try to reduce our trips as best we can in this way, and make them exceptional!
We would like to go in Asia, in the sun, with a nice sea as a bonus!

  • And what will you put in your toilet bag for the trip?

The BALM !
No but honestly we never leave without. Whether in the sun, for application after exposure, it's absolutely brilliant - it nourishes the skin, sublimates it and soothes it in case of sunburn - or even in colder destinations because the balm protects the skin. / p>

In reality we also take the other products of the range: the solid shampoo & soap are great to transport, and even go on the plane, the deodorant or cottons ; as the brand revisits ONLY the essentials of the beauty routine, it’s hard to go without, even one!

  • And in the meantime, what are your containment activities?

Lockdown is really hard on everyone, but it's true that one of the positives has been discovering new activities and hobbies. For example painting, drawing, cooking, etc. It felt like a break from the usual daily routine which is always at 100 per hour. A forced but beneficial break therefore. We can't wait for it to be over so we can see our loved ones again without stress, travel and ESPECIALLY: go to a restaurant !!

  • Your products are green AND sexy, what does feeling sexy mean to you?

We indeed use the association "Green & Sexy" but the term "Sexy" is associated with our products in the sense that we always design them so that pleasure remains at the heart of the beauty routine. For a long time, natural & ecological cosmetics were assimilated to "ugly" products, sold in bulk, to be applied with the fingers, with rather special odors. With Les Petits Prödiges, we wanted to break this stereotype by showing that we can consume little green while keeping the pleasure with: colorful packaging, attractive scents, pleasant textures, and ease of use: and this in particular for do not discourage people who want to switch to a more responsible lifestyle but for whom the change seems too sudden at first.

Feeling Sexy is feeling good in your head and in your body and happy!

  • Your little ritual to feel sexy, what is it?

It's about being fulfilled, happy where you are, with the right people around you.

  • Can you tell us about future projects for Les Petits Prödiges? We are curious!

A lot of developments planned for the next few months It took a while to get started because finding unique (no white label!), innovative, natural AND effective formulas was a big challenge! But here we are accelerating the pace. We released a new orange blossom balm in April, in collaboration with super influencer Twelve February, and we will be releasing a new limited edition of this balm at the start of summer. We don't tell you the scent but a clue: it was the scent most requested by our community and which smells like the holidays.

We also have in our launch schedule: a toothpaste , a cleanser and a conditioner. We won't tell you more about their shapes or their scents, but it will be CANON!

There you go, the Les Petits Prödiges adventure and the multi-purpose balm no longer hold any secrets for you!


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