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Olive oil


I was already the darling of Hippocrates in Antiquity,

They call me the "Treasure of the Mediterranean",

I am softening, soothing, healing, emollient, fortifying, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-oxidant, versatile, protective, invigorating ...

Who am I?

Yes, of course, olive oil!

Huile d'olive Les Petits Prodiges

Obviously, I am envious! No wonder, I am so generous and I bring so many benefits.

Very rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C and E, I nourish, soften and prevent the effects of premature aging. I am also an excellent healing agent.

In short, you have understood it, I am the best friend of your skin and of your daily beauty ritual.

I work miracles on your skin:

- Your skin is dry, I nourish it deeply and regulate your natural hydration system.

After a few applications, it will be softer and more elastic.

- I gently remove makeup without attacking your skin, eliminating all cosmetics, even the most stubborn mascara,

- I soothe burning sensations as well as redness and hydrate your skin after sunbathing,

- I calm irritations, eczema, and psoriasis, help eliminate inflammation and prevent symptoms from coming back.

Huile d'olive Les Petits Prodiges

I help you to be beautiful:

- I hydrate your dry or damaged hair, protects their color and prolongs their shine,

- I strengthen your eyelashes by removing impurities, thus boosting their regrowth,

- I am the perfect ingredient for your broken and dry nails, which I strengthen, as well as for your cuticles, which I soften,

- Finally, with the beautiful days, I take care of your pretty little feet which will be exfoliated, relaxed and soothed to do justice to your new sandals.

Huile d'olive Les Petits Prodiges

Here you are, the virtues of olive oil no longer hold any secrets for you. If it is not yet, it will become the essential partner of your beauty and the ideal ally of your health.

100% generous, 100% natural, Les Petits Prödiges balms , are the Must have for cosmetics based on organic olive oil ....
D ' elsewhere, if you want more information on the ingredients of our balm, here is a complete article on their benefits! And we've also written an entire article about the benefits of Royal Jelly .

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