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Breast cancer: these preventive measures that save

breast cancer is now the most common form of cancer in women, the most deadly but also the most treatable . Detected early , this disease has a 9 in 10 chance of being cured within 5 years of diagnosis. On the occasion of Pink October , breast cancer awareness month, we explain the key information to know as well as the habits to put in place to be screened as soon as possible.

A disease that concerns us all

Unfortunately, one in eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Each year, around 60,000 cases are detected in France. The average age of detection is 63, but cancer can affect much younger women : each year, around 3,000 cases are diagnosed in women under 40.
Certain cancers are linked to genetic mutations : they represent 5 to 10% of cases. Passed on at birth, these genes dramatically increase the risk of developing cancer. If you think you are genetically predisposed, especially if several cases have occurred in your family circle, oncogenetic consultations may be offered to you.
Several proven factors can promote the appearance of breast cancer: smoking, alcohol consumption (more than 6 drinks per week), lack of physical activity, precocious puberty as well as late menopause.

Track to save

It is important to monitor closely for any breast development that you feel is abnormal in order to be detected as soon as possible . The earlier the disease is detected, the higher the cure rate; the treatment is generally much less aggressive and causes less after-effects.
During your annual appointments with your gynecologist or midwife, your healthcare professional must absolutely carry out a clinical examination of your chest and armpits, in order to detect any abnormalities.
It is also very easy to practice self-examination every month yourself. Above all, this self-examination allows to better understand the anatomy of her breasts, and therefore to identify more quickly a persistent breast modification. 3 main body changes should alert: change in shape (presence of a lump or palpable mass, appearance of dimples), texture and pigmentation of the skin (thickening, orange peel, redness) and nipple (unusual discharge, retraction). If you detect any of these signals, promptly talk to your doctor. Be careful, not all breast lumps are a sign of cancer: in 4 out of 5 cases, the lumps are completely benign.
Between the ages of 50 and 74, the risk of developing breast cancer is higher. It is therefore strongly recommended to perform a mammogram every 2 years, 100% covered by the Health Insurance.

Raise awareness to better fight

Like every year, the Ruban Rose association is dedicating the month of October to raising awareness about breast cancer. Created in 1994 by the Estée Lauder France group and the Marie Claire magazine, this association sets up initiatives to alert, educate and establish a real dialogue around this disease.The Pink Ribbon Prize also allows to raise funds for scientific research
In order to bring a stone to the building and support in our way research, we donate during this month of October 100 % of the profits from sales of our Pink October Kit to the Ruban Rose association. Specially created for the occasion in a limited edition, this duo consists of Multi-Use Balm Cotton Flower fragrance in 30ml format and Sensitive Skin Deodorant fragrance-free. We offer it at soft price of € 21.90: support this fight while pampering yourself with 100% natural care, both good for you and our planet. .

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