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How to repair your damaged skin after summer and prepare it for the change of season?

Réparer sa peau après l'été - Les Petits Prödiges

That's it, this time, even though we tried to play extra time (Thanks to the weather forecast for helping us out), it's really the end of summer ...

You are going to tell us that during these wonderful holidays, you had time to take care of your body, that your skin has never been so beautiful and rested and, moreover, you still proudly wear a pretty tan, so everything is fine!

Apparently, yes of course, but beware ... These few weeks of sun, beach, sea and swimming pool treatments, late sunsets after a little wet evenings have not done your skin good.
UV, sand, salt and chlorine as well as the change of pace have weakened it.

So your skin has dried out despite the gallons of cream you've applied all summer long! To top it off, your tan is starting to fade, your skin is lackluster and, oh horror, maybe even peeling!
This is quite normal because to protect against UV rays, the epidermis thickens and prevents the skin's water reserves from reaching the surface to hydrate it sufficiently.
No panic! Now, SOS plan to replenish your skin capital and face the change of season as well as possible!

In this article we give you our advice to prepare your skin for the change of season. Warning ! Preparing your skin also involves preparing your body, so it is essential to adapt your entire daily lifestyle to face this ordeal!

Tip n ° 1: Adapt your beauty routine

As you want to prolong the serenity of the holidays, we will go there delicately while pampering our skin.

Only one solution: hydration !
Morning and evening… First gently, in the shower. Cold water is preferred and 5 minutes is enough; staying forever in the shower never moisturizes the skin.
Use a soap-free wash gel enriched with moisturizing agents such as shea butter or vegetable oils.

When you get out of the shower, you generously nourish your skin: milk, cream, balm or oils that act more deeply. We start with the ankles, moving up the leg without forgetting the buttocks, stomach and arms!

Tips Les Petits Prödiges : We recommend Le Baume Coco Les Petits Prödiges to nourish your dry skin and gently prepare it for changes in temperature. By the way, if you want to know more about the active ingredients of our multi-purpose balm, this article is for you!
The +: Its delicious smell that will remind you of summer!

In town, during these last days of summer, opt for sun protection and high-index pollution which will maintain your tan and which can also be used as a base for make-up. And, if you look like a crocodile, don't hesitate to apply an after-sun treatment that provides comfort and nutrients.

We also notice that our skin is dull. To quickly regain the radiance of our complexion, we adopt a shock treatment!

  • A nourishing care morning and evening even on oily skin
  • Twice a week, an essential routine: a moisturizing and regenerating mask will restore the optimal level of hydration essential for good skin health.

Tips Les Petits Prödiges : Don't be afraid of the oily texture of the balm, even on oily skin.You just have to take a very small amount and apply it to the face before makeup: it absorbs very quickly and does not leave the 'shiny' effect that we all dread!

The list of minor messes is unfortunately not over!
As it thickened during the summer, the skin has locked in some bacteria and your skin problems (blackheads, pimples) may reappear!
The solution? Exfoliate - yourself with a gentle exfoliation twice a week and use a targeted anti-blemish treatment Finally, on the rest of the face, apply your moisturizer.
And why not have some fun? Now is the time to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pampering with friends with the hammam and scrub duo: Detoxification and elimination guaranteed!

Tip 2: Adopt a healthy diet

We also take care of our diet: we choose “healthy” foods.
Indeed, it is essential to take care of yourself from the outside AND from the inside because who says good health also means beautiful skin.

As fall approaches, the days are getting shorter and temperatures are starting to drop. As our internal clock is locked in the hours of sunlight and the day / night rhythm, it gets out of control with this sudden change, which makes our bodies more vulnerable to fatigue and small viruses.
To mitigate this inevitable phenomenon, we advise you to adopt a eating routine accordingly. To do this, choose:

~ Seasonal fruits & vegetables: The sun attacks the skin which produces more free radicals. To eliminate them, eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants and enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables : mirabelle plum, blueberry, peach, eggplant, carrot, cucumber, broccoli, etc.
These foods will give you plenty of vitamins A and E which are essential for this transition period.

Tips Les Petits Prödiges : Do you want to receive the seasonal fruit & vegetable calendar? Write us a little message on and we will be happy to send it to you ♡

~ Plenty of water (in all its forms) : Whether for good skin or iron health, remember to drink at least 2 liters of water per day in order to purify and hydrate you from the inside. It doesn't have to be in the form of raw water: vary the pleasures with coffee or green tea, for example.
Herbal teas are also an excellent remedy.

~ A glass of lemon juice in the morning: Rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium (among others), lemon will be your ally to immunize you.

Réparer sa peau après l'été - Detox Citron - Les Petits Prödiges

~ Vitamin or royal jelly cures (fresh or in capsules) : see the article on royal jelly.

Tip n ° 3: Favor an adapted lifestyle

As you will have understood, your internal clock needs to stabilize for you to regain mental and physical energy.
And for that, you need:
1) Rest: Try to adopt a regular sleep pattern for the first few weeks, so that your body understands the change.

2) Exercise: Sure, it's cold in the morning, it's dark in the early evening, but try hard on that. Sport = boost of the immune system.
Your body and your skin need to get fresh air, to breathe and to eliminate toxins.

Sport -  Les Petits Prödiges

You are now ready for fall (and even winter) and its harsh climate changes for your health and your skin! This is a pivotal time when we have to find the balance between the freedom of summer and the protection of winter

Regarding the beauty routine, after the shock treatment, we resume the classic routine: we continue to hydrate, we cleanse our skin morning and evening, we exfoliate once or twice a week, we increase the number of masks and on the food side, we always eat a lot of fruit.
And when the dreaded winter is here, as your skin secretes less fat, use a more oily than usual moisturizer with added vitamins and go back to your night cream that you put away this summer.
Take care of your hands exposed to the cold and also protect your lips, which are very fragile: always have your lip balm handy and apply it without moderation!

And there you have it, to prepare your skin for the changes of the seasons, you just need to adapt your lifestyle at all levels!


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