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The cleansing powder: the innovative gesture to integrate into your routine!

The Petits Prödiges team has been working hard on a new product for over a year and a half ... and it is with joy and pride that we can finally unveil it to you!

The Cleansing Powder with a gourmet coconut scent is an innovative 100% natural facial cleanser that turns into an airy foam on contact with water. It gently eliminates impurities and reveals a luminous complexion, without ever drying out or irritating the skin. Another way to understand the essential step of cleaning, with a gesture that is both fun, customizable and sensory

Faithful to our philosophy of less is more , its short and intelligible formula is composed of only 5 active ingredients, to which we have added one of our flagship scents 🥥 And of course its pretty bottle in aluminum is 100% infinitely recyclable ♻

We tell you all about this magic powder!

Why a powder cleanser?

For Camille and Clémentine, the co-founders of Les Petits Prödiges, the range lacked a fundamental treatment in any beauty routine: a face cleanser!

But several challenges presented themselves to us: this future cleanser had to be 100% natural, gentle, effective, easy to use and, above all, be contained in the most eco-responsible packaging possible. The Face Cleansing Powder meets all these criteria dear to our commitments and our vision of cosmetics.

Both playful and sensory, this completely anhydrous "powder-in-foam" requires only a few drops of water to be activated, which makes it a lightweight product that is both light, practical and

No more unpleasant surprises from the cleansing gel that accidentally leaked into her toiletry bag!

A 25g bottle allows about 60 uses, i.e. a duration of 2 months.

The advantage with a powder texture cleanser is also the absence of added preservatives! And yes: the absence of water in the formulation naturally protects the product from the appearance of bacteria. Ideal for reactive skin q

Its active ingredients of natural origin

Who says absence of water, says 100% active! Did you know that the majority of cosmetics are composed of more than 90% water? The Cleansing Powder contains ONLY active ingredients, that is,

Its minimalist composition based on organic corn starch

It contains two ultra-soft foaming agents that respect our hydrolipidic film. They come to eliminate all the impurities accumulated during the day, without drying out. No more feelings of tightness at the end of cleaning!

We added a very lightly exfoliating agent, ultra-fine rice powder, which smooths the skin texture and reveals a brighter complexion. This “peach skin effect” ingredient suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, has already been used for decades in Asia for its extreme softness. Reduced to microscopic size, this magic powder gently removes dead skin and helps unclog pores, without ever damaging the skin barrier.

Our tips for a perfect cleaning

Cleaning your face well every day is THE key to healthy skin! At Les Petits Prödiges, we are fans of double cleansing, a method that respects the epidermis and must be adopted to obtain gently purified skin.

If you wear make-up or sunscreen, we recommend that you do a first cleansing with a makeup-removing oil or balm first.Our Multi-Use Balm, thanks to its oily formula, allows you to get rid of a maximum of impurities accumulated during the day (sebum, cosmetic products, pollution) Heat a dab of balm between your palms then gently massage your face . Use a moist, reusable cotton swab to easily remove excess balm.

The second cleaning dissolves the fatty film which may persist as well as the last stubborn impurities. Sprinkle a little powder in the palm of your hand (about half a teaspoon), add a few drops of water and rub: you will instantly obtain a generous foam. Massage your face in circular motions, then rinse.

You can of course use it on its own if you don't feel the need for a first cleanse 😉 Don't forget to moisturize your face immediately afterwards with a treatment adapted to your skin type.

We hope our cleansing powder will soon be your new bathroom essential!


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