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A universal balm suitable for all skin types

Trio baumes 100% naturels tous types de peau

Dry, sensitive, combination, oily skin… Many of you ask us if our multi-purpose balm is right for your skin type. Good news: by keeping only the essentials with 100% natural ingredients, our balm adapts to all your pretty faces! Les Petits Prödiges decipher for you its 7 ingredients, their benefits, and how to use them well.

Olive Oil

Contrary to what you might think, olive oil isn't just useful in our kitchen cupboards!

It is rich in anti-oxidants , which limit the aging of the skin, as well as in vitamin A , which helps to maintain the PH level of the skin to keep it healthy. Olive oil is also known for its effectiveness on skin problems such as sunburns or eczema .

It is very nourishing and non-irritating, which makes it a very good ingredient for dry and sensitive skin.

For those of you with oily skin , it might seem unthinkable to put oil on your face. Think again ! Olive oil is a natural cleanser, it allows to deeply cleanse the skin and reduce the excess sebum which clogs the pores and creates imperfections (in applying oil to the epidermis, we send it a message: there is already enough of it, no need to produce more sebum).

Be careful with the amount applied, however: too much fat applied to the skin will promote the appearance of pimples.

If you want more information on olive oil and its benefits, here is a complementary article !

Huile d'olive pour la peau Baume Les Petits Prödiges


Beeswax is renowned for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties , which make it suitable for all skin types. Rich in vitamin A , it softens, cleanses and protects the skin.

It also has occlusive properties: it retains water for maximized hydration and creates a natural waterproof film on the epidermis, thus protecting it from external aggressions, without clogging the pores and promoting the appearance of pimples. An asset for all faces!

Cire d'abeille bienfaits peau Baume Les Petits Prodiges

Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9, sweet almond oil is nourishing and softening. Also very soothing, it calms itching and irritation. Its vitamin A content improves the elasticity of the skin . It also contains vitamins B, D and E which promote the acceleration of cell repair.

Sweet almond oil is therefore particularly recommended in the care of dry, irritated, mature or atopic skin ...

This does not mean that it should be excluded for oily skin, since it is non-comedogenic (does not promote the appearance of pimples). < / p>

And just like olive oil, it's important to keep in mind that oily skin also needs to be pampered (but again, avoid smearing a whole jar of balm on your face every morning, it's all in the measure!).

Huile d'amande douce bienfaits peau baume les petits prodiges


The benefits of honey are numerous: anti-aging, moisturizing, antioxidant, it also protects the skin from UV rays and facilitates its regeneration. Most ? it absorbs and retains hydration, for soft skin all day .

Acne is often caused by excess sebum that clogs the pores of the skin.Since honey absorbs small impurities in the pores, it acts as a cleansing agent Its antiseptic, softening and soothing properties make this prodigious ingredient the perfect remedy against small pimples.

Miel bienfaits peau Baume les petits prodiges

Royal jelly

Definitely, our friends the bees are doing us a lot of services! Royal jelly has revitalizing and regenerating properties . Natural lift, it provides the skin with hydration, vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent the effects of aging.

It is also an ally for dry and tired skin : its nourishing properties help them regain their radiance. Royal jelly is also effective in fighting acne. Best of all, it has healing properties and helps fight eczema . Finally, a real Swiss Army knife, which we love on all skin types!

To find out more, you can read this article on the origins, virtues & uses of Royal Jelly!

Gelée royale bienfaits peau Baume les petits prodiges


Arnica also has antioxidant and antiseptic properties . It protects the skin from aging, and helps fight against redness and irritation. It is therefore an asset for both mature and sensitive skin.

Arnica bienfaits peau Baume Les petits prodiges

Vitamin E

Also called “beauty vitamin” or “youth vitamin” , vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect. It helps stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that promotes skin elasticity. But it does not only fight against aging, it also protects against external aggressions.

It also has powerful regenerating properties, which makes it ideal for reducing scars, recovering faster from sunburn or relieving eczema. < / p>

Vitamine E bienfaits peau Baume les petits prodiges

Eczema has been mentioned many times. If you want more information on the actions of our balm on eczema, we tell you more in this article ! And to learn more about eczema in general, its origins and natural remedies, this article is for you .

Getting back to basics by combining only 7 ingredients for optimal efficacy that is suitable for all skin types, that is the challenge we set out to do. A successful challenge, if everyone adapts their use of balm to their skin type (less for oily skin, more for dry skin…).

It's all in the quantity, listen to your skin: how much it absorbs easily, how much leaves you oily skin after application… and you will be delighted by our little prodigy!


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