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To do cocooning - 15 special containment activities

To do cocooning

15 special containment activities

We all dreaded confinement, here he is. And despite this difficult context, a small part of us can't help but moan and inevitably think about how comfortable we are. How will I do ? Stay 15 days (see more!) Locked up with my family? We're going to kill each other.

No more cinema, no more going out, no more restaurants, no more parties, no more exhibitions, no more strolls in the streets or in the gardens… It may seem like the end of the world to some. Come on, we stop dramatizing . A half-full glass is always better, isn't it?

To be successful, think differently: what if this confinement was the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself?

Take a break, refocus on your core values, spend time with your loved ones ... It can be an opportunity to reflect on what is really important in the end.

Even though a lot of us are telecommuting, think that you save transport time = more time for you.
Sleep in, read a good book, play with your kids, give yourself that wellness break you promised yourself weeks ago, listen to that podcast that's been on your list for a long time.
All those things you want to do, but never find the time for, now is the time!
Adopt the slow life , relax a little. We offer you time, learn to stop running and live in the present moment.

And if you're worried that you won't have enough ideas to keep you busy, we've come up with a list of things to do to occupy your free time while in lockdown!

1. Think of yourself as a literary critic

This novel that you put on your bedside table several months ago and which is waiting for you, now is the time to devour it.
Read, re-read your favorites, discover new sagas, or cult books that you never had time to start.
In Search of Lost Time by Proust in 7 volumes? The latest detective story from your favorite author? A rosewater book, a biography, a comedy novel or a self-help book, anything is possible so indulge yourself!
And why not take you for a literary critic and write down your favorite passages or write your opinion on each book?

Our tops:

Thriller / suspense:

  • The Poet, Michael Connelly
  • Night of the Fox, Mary Higgins Clark
  • Meticulous Work, Pierre Lemaitre
  • The Truth About the Harry Québert Affair, Joël Dicker
  • Sweet Song, Leïla Slimani

Romans with rose water:

  • The Pages of Our Love, Nicholas Sparks
  • Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, Agnès Martin-Lugand
  • La Petite Boulangerie du Bout du Monde, Jenny Colgan
  • PS: I love you, Cecelia Ahern
  • One day, David Nicholls

Feel Good:

  • The Literary Circle of Potato Peeling Lovers, Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer
  • I'll stop tomorrow !, Gilles Legardinier
  • Shrimps have their hearts in their heads, Marion Michau
  • Tomorrow is Another Day, Lori Nelson Spielman
  • I Want Someone To Wait For Me Somewhere, Anna Gavalda

Great Classics:

  • 24 Hours in the Life of a Woman, Stefan Zweig
  • The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
  • Don't shoot the Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  • The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway
  • The Roots of Heaven, Romain Gary

2 Create your spa at home

Take the time to pamper yourself . Bubble bath, beauty mask, cream, hair oil bath, massage… the list is almost endless.
Create moments of relaxation that are yours alone.

For example, you can try this recipe for a super simple anti blackhead scrub made with honey and cinnamon!

3. Dance like no one's watching

Put on some music, and dance like you're in a Beyoncé music video! It unwinds and releases endorphins which will bring you well-being and euphoria. Method tested and approved by Les Petits Prödiges.

For those in need of inspiration, there are plenty of videos on the Internet to help you, we recommend CMG , which puts its zumba lessons online on facebook ( as well as other sports lessons, go see it's great!).

4. Binge-watcher *

This is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your Netflix account! Whether you want to do a 16-season Grey's Anatomy marathon or polish your film culture, the choice is vast: series, films, documentaries, reality TV shows… The choice is yours!

* watch several episodes of series or movies in a row

5. Listening to


Spotify or Apple Podcast are full of wonders for your ears , whether it's for learning, meditating, laughing or just having a presence for those who are on their own at home.

/ p>

Our favorites:

  • La Poudre: discover the journey of inspiring women, artists, activists, politicians ...
  • Transfert: true stories that are out of the ordinary, told by those who lived them.
  • Between our lips: intimate portraits that tell the real stories around sexuality (but not only)
  • L'Empreinte: on the brands' commitment in terms of CSR (ppsst, find our passage just here !)
  • InPower: passionate people with an exciting journey to give you a dose of inspiration

6. Become a great chef

You've got some time, and the new season of Top Chef has begun, it's time to develop your cooking skills . Try out new recipes, try your hand at baking, prepare pretty plates ... In short, let your creativity speak and put yourself in the shoes of a Michelin-starred chef.

Need inspiration? Check out Jordan Moilim's instagram account and discover his delicious recipes!

7. Develop your artistic side

Draw, write, sing, paint, play music, dance, sculpt, create your play… You are free to do whatever you always dreamed of . Who knows, you might discover the soul of a Molière or a Picasso?

The brand Elise Chalmin has uploaded coloring pages, find them here !

8. Make projects

Give yourself time to think , for once. What will be your next trip? Do you have an idea for retraining? What would you like to learn? What experience would you like to live? Would you like to assemble your box? Set goals for the future.

9. Create with your hands

Take advantage of this time not to just sit in front of a screen: explore manual work. You will see that it is extremely satisfying to create something yourself. You will find lots of ideas on Pinterest : comment create your own bullet journal , how to transform what lies around us into decorative or DIY storage objects, how to transform small spaces… Play as Valérie Damidot!

10. Play sport

Yep, it's definitely possible indoors, no need for large spaces or special equipment to do squats and sit-ups.
And there are lots of apps and tutorials to do it for those who need motivation (we recommend the videos of Pamela Reif on Youtube).

11. Learn things (tutorials are great, yes!)

Develop a new skill: learn to play a musical instrument or knit, learn with a MOOC *, watch a documentary on a subject that interests you , take a dance or yoga class…
Liven up your days and you will have the sensation of going to bed having learned something.

* Massive Open Online Course: extremely numerous and varied online courses

12. Sorting: wardrobe, emails, storage, books…

Sorting, a little thankless task that we always put off until the next day. Stop procrastination! Clothes, emails, books ... It's time to do a big spring cleaning and get rid of everything you don't use so you won't keep only the essentials (our motto at Les Petits Prödiges!).
Better tidy and less cluttered, your home will only be more Feng Shui!

For those who can't throw away, check out The Art of Storage with Marie Kondo on Netflix!

13.Let the sunshine in!

Air your house and try to sunbathe, this is important for morale We envy the lucky ones who have a garden or a balcony, but point the nose to his window to fix his vitamin D, it is also possible!

14. Keep the zen attitude

It's easy to create your shala (yoga room) at home. Subdued light, a few candles and a spiritual world awaits you : yoga, meditation, sophrology… Treat yourself to this moment to listen to your body. < / p>

15. Take time for family and friends:

Play board games, enjoy, talk, phone your grandparents you always forget to call back, plan FaceTime drinks with your friends (Skype or the Houseparty app are great for that!)…
We are lucky to be able to stay connected even remotely, so let's take advantage!

We hope we have given you something to occupy your days for the days to come! Follow our Instagram account, we'll create nice content for you in post or story 😊


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