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ELLE: Deodorants are no exception to the demand for transparency that has taken hold of cosmetics

Deodorants are no exception to the requirement for transparency that has taken hold of cosmetics. Suspected of promoting breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, aluminum salts, in in particular, are singled out. "To date, the studies are not conclusive, there is therefore nothing to confirm that they are harmful. Anyway, the role of these salts being, in theory, to tighten the sweat ducts to limit the flow of perspiration, only antipersipirants contain it and not deodorants, which are content to mask odors ", specifies Sophie Strobel, chemist and cosmetic consultant. Despite everything, once the doubt is installed, it is difficult to dispel it. Hence the reflex to turn to greener formulas.

Among them, with essential oils of lemon, bergamot and lavandin, 100% Natural Lemon deodorant Les Petits Prödiges.


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