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Current Woman: Zero plastic objective

Les Petits Prödiges Solid Shampoo is recommended by Femme Actuelle!

"When you know that 75,000 tonnes of cosmetic packaging are thrown away in France every year, you think it's time to react. "Based on this observation, the magazine Femme Actuelle offers several tips for a zero plastic bathroom (or almost!).

  • Favor solid cosmetics

Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, today it is possible to find solid equivalents to many cosmetic products! At Les Petits Prödiges, we revisit the essentials of your more responsible beauty routine: we offer shampoos and soaps natural, made in France in a biodegradable cardboard packaging. The varnish is also vegetal, perfect for reducing its environmental impact! And since solid cosmetics do not rhyme with austerity, our shampoos guarantee foam & pleasure and our soaps will leave your skin very soft!

  • Multi-purpose cosmetics

"To reduce the number of bottles in the trash, just reduce your consumption of care. The good idea? Focus on do-it-all products. Face and body creams, treatments that remove make-up, moisturize or apply as a face mask ".

That's good because our flagship product is multi-purpose balm . Available in 5 scents, it can be used in facial care, body care, lip care, makeup remover, after-sun ... And we even have customer feedback on its effectiveness on eczema . The perfect balm to fight against overconsumption. In addition to being 100% natural, it is good for you and for the planet with its infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging.

  • Bulk cosmetics

Self-service sales, combined with a deposit service, make it possible to limit the production of conventional packaging! Unfortunately, this method is little developed today in France because of the hygiene problems it generates.

  • Eco-refills

This avoids having to buy back a jar or a bottle every time you finish your favorite product! In addition, the refills generally have a low plastic content, which makes them even more attractive. This solution works particularly well for shower gels, shampoos or liquid soaps but is obviously not useful if you have already taken the step towards solid products.

Zoom in on packaging that is good for our planet:

Aluminum, for example, is infinitely recyclable!
And cardboard is one of the most recycled materials along with paper: in Europe, 60% of it is made from recycled plastic.

It's much simpler than with plastic.
"Recycling makes it possible to transform some plastic waste and reuse it to make new packaging. But recycled plastic is not necessarily recyclable. And recyclable plastic is not systematically recycled. That's the difficulty of the process ".
Indeed, not all sorting channels have the means to recycle small plastic packaging. In addition, they do not necessarily distinguish a classic toothpaste (aluminum and plastic) from a vegetable plastic tube! So 100% recyclable plastic is not, in the end, always recycled.

These are the few alternatives offered by Femme Actuelle to reduce your plastic consumption and limit your environmental impact!


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