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France visiting: You also deserve some natural and eco-friendly cosmetics, Made In France!

Les Petits Prödiges
Natural beauty also captured two girls, who created the new French cosmetics player Les Petits Prödiges , Camille and Clémentine . They met during their studies and shared many passions, among them, the beauty products . However, following their common experience, they noticed that consumers use too many products, on a daily basis, with sometimes too expensive and harmful aftermath. This point of view gave them the idea of ​​creating their new project of Les Petits Prödiges , involving multi-use balms in a small laboratory , located in the south of France .
The passion of the two founders for travel made them discover through different trips. That was a starting point of their adventure, completed by the arrival of a chemist in their team.

Their brainstorming conducted them to refine their cosmetics recipes, for example with the addition of Vitamin E as a natural preservative in the composition of their multi-use balm , only composed of 7 ingredients, from the first steps at the end of 2017 .

Thus, those balms were created in order to simplify your beauty routine, while respecting environment and your skin. Since the team always wished to put in the project, eco-responsible and biodegradable (made in France) products, neither any animal testing nor parabens , condatives , sulphates or any alcohol .

In fact, the focus was brought to a minimalist packaging and the natural aspects of the texture and the scent. Therefore, based on this observation, two product lines were imagined those multi-purpose balms (multi-purpose balms) and deodorants . Their compact sizes allow to bring them from your bathroom, to your handbag and for wherever you want. The team considers the first one as a truly magic revolution production. Indeed, those multi-purpose balms may be used endlessly and for many uses, either for a daily facial or body care, an evening mask, a makeup remover, a lip balm, a hair care… and, according to the testimonies of some of their customers, in reaction care for small burns and in treatment against eczema .

They are made of organic olive and almond oils, beeswax , honey , royal jelly … like Exertier , we mentioned earlier, bees provide much beauty care! Moreover, their fragrances smell the South of France and a glance of exotism, through lemon balm , coconut balm and even odorless balm , for those who wish to remain neutral. Two formats of cream pots are available: 30ml (14.90 euros) & 100ml (34.90 euros).

More recently, Les Petits Prödiges launched a brand new range of deodorants , those are appreciated for their ractical recyclable and biodegradable cardboard pack, plastic-free then… They exclusively contain ingredients from natural origin and thanks to their solid shape , they naturally neutralize odors, absorb moisture and provide a living pleasant smell for your whole day.

Made of shea butter , arrow root powder, sunflower oil, carnauba and candelilla waxes .. Those deodorants are available in three different scents : Lemon & Bergamot , Cotton Flower and Charcoal & Eucalyptus , in a unique format of 65 grams (recommended price of 12.90 euros).



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