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Interview with Camille & Clémentine, ambassadors of Elles by Contrex

We would like to know a little more about you, will you introduce yourself?

We are Camille & Clémentine, we are 27 years old and we met in business school 8 years ago.
After working 2 years in the beauty industry, we realized that the majority of cosmetics we used were often too many, harmful, and expensive.

Les Petits Prödiges x Les Elles by Contrex #LesEllesbyContrex

In a few words, what is your project?

Our project is a 100% natural cosmetics brand, 100% made in France, 100% made with love.
Our concept: Getting back to basics (“Back to Basics ”) with a single cosmetic product to sum up the entire beauty routine (skincare).
We therefore offer a multi-use balm, formulated with only 7 natural ingredients.

Do you remember when you got your idea?

We had our “idea” one evening in January 2017 when we both met for dinner as we often did and we realized that our common wish to setting up our box was really ripe. We really wanted to embark on this new adventure together.

One word to describe how you felt when you found your idea? (One word please, whatever you want!)


Camille & Clémentine - entrepreneuriat féminin - Les Petits Prödiges - Contrex

What sparked the transition from idea to action? Did you know where to start?

Being two played a big part in the transition from idea to action. We each had our ideas, sometimes common, sometimes different, but above all a tenfold motivation from being in pairs. It helped us a lot to stay motivated and to quickly implement our ideas, that is to say not to waste too much time on the strategy and the details, but rather to concretize each step as quickly as possible.

Did you encounter any difficulties?

Yes of course, there have been difficulties and still are every week. We must therefore know it and not be afraid of it. When you start, there are ups and downs, you just have to prepare for it and not give up as soon as a problem arises.
Once again, being two in the project help us a lot on a daily basis. Indeed, as soon as one of us has a little slack, the other is there to put things into perspective.

How have the Elles by Contrex via the Ulule campaign been beneficial to you?

Being supported by Contrex (via Ulule for our part) was of great help to us because, in addition to the significant financial aspect, it allowed us to meet a precious partner with whom we continue to interact frequently, who supports us, and with whom we share a large number of values. We are delighted and proud to be able to participate in a program that supports women who want to get started.

So how does it feel to have dared to go from idea to action?

We are super happy and we absolutely do not regret having made this choice. Whatever the outcome of this adventure (we hope it will be good), we have learned and are learning so much every day that it is an unrivaled and extremely instructive experience. Obviously, after only 5 months of existence, it is hard to say with certainty that we will never regret any of our choices, but certainly not the one we made.

What can we wish for next?

Success! :)
The best that we can wish us would be to succeed in democratizing our basic idea of ​​getting back to basics in how we consume it, and in particular in our beauty routine

Finally, if you had a little advice for those who don't dare to take the plunge, it would be….

Do not hesitate any longer!
Even if you still have to be sure of yourself before starting, you should not hesitate too long either because the best way to know if it is may work, is to try.

Les Petits Prödiges x Les Elles by Contrex #LesEllesbyContrex



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