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Public - Christmas 2019: Gift idea: the pretty "Ma routine green" box

For the holidays, Clever Beauty, the 1st green & anti-waste nail polish brand, is joining forces with two natural and made in France skincare brands to offer the best of French natural beauty in a gift box unique, composed of 3 products to adopt a gentle green routine!

Every year, it's a bit the same hassle: we have to find a gift for our mother, our darling, our BFF, our mother-in-law, our sister-in-law ... And it is not always easy to find presents adapted to everyone's tastes. That's why every day until Christmas Eve (for the extreme latecomers), we will help you find the perfect gifts by highlighting you some products on the market to give you some ideas. . Nothing prevents you from adding them to your own list to Santa Claus, and conversely, have them offered to you!

The idea of ​​the day: a sublime set of "green" products , the result of an unprecedented collaboration between three French cosmetics brands united around a common vision. Clever Beauty, Oden and Les Petits Prodiges have come together to create a perfect little box where green and responsible beauty and 100% French manufacturing are the watchwords.

On the menu:

- A nail polish signed Clever Beauty , the first eco-responsible nail polish brand combining natural formulas and clever packaging to avoid waste. This natural nail polish has a unique anti-waste cap. With a simple click on the cap, the brush goes down to the bottom of the bottle to finish all of it, i.e. + 20% of product. The 10FREE formula is based on organic solvents sourced from cotton, corn and cassava. Without endocrine disruptors, it is even healthy for pregnant women and children. Its color # 3 Inspiring , a raspberry burgundy, will naturally sublimate your manicures!

- A multi-purpose balm capable of summarizing all your skincare on its own ... designed by Les Petits Prödiges , a brand of 100% natural cosmetics, made in France, eco-responsible & made with love The goal? Revisit the essentials of the beauty routine in Green & Sexy. The balm is formulated with only 7 natural ingredients, nourishing and soothing for the face (as a make-up remover or as a treatment), the body, the lips, the ends of the hair, the hands and the feet.

- A vitamin serum signed Oden , a brand of natural cosmetics made from French plants, and developed in partnership with farmers from our regions. This oily serum is composed of 3 exceptional vegetable oils: Sea Buckthorn, Evening Primrose from Berry and Cherry from Montmo’ency and brings radiance to the face while deeply nourishing the skin.

Elisabeth Sall


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