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Sporty Media Lifestyle: We approve of Les Petits Prödiges

By Clara Vizzacchero for Sporty, October 30, 2019

Created in 2017 in a small laboratory in the South of France, Les Petits Prödiges are 100% natural cosmetics. This brand offers multi-purpose balms and deodorants. I tested the deodorant for you and I'm getting back to you.

This brand was developed by two young women who joined forces with their desire to remind consumers of the essentials of the beauty routine: good for the skin, for the health and for the planet.

They offer three 100% natural, vegan deodorants with biodegradable tubes. I tested the eucalyptus charcoal. My first reaction was very positive because when opening the deodorant, the smell of eucalyptus invaded my nostrils. I said to myself, "For once we can recognize the smell that is indicated on the product. ". I applied the deodorant and was amazed at the somewhat grainy texture. The first time, I even massaged my armpits to get the deodorant in properly.

I then went to play sports, 1 hour of cardio. Good news coming home, my armpits were still as soft as when I applied the product. I have very sensitive atopic-prone skin that reacts a lot to products I can use, but I haven't noticed any negative reactions from my skin to the deodorant. And above all, ESPECIALLY, I did not feel the perspiration. On the other hand, I'm not someone who sweats a lot. However, if this is your case, I advise you to put on deodorant before and after to guarantee you a feeling of freshness throughout your day, even after a workout.



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