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What routine to adopt after childbirth?

After our article last week where we gave you our advice for adopting a beauty & well-being routine during pregnancy, today we are offering you the perfect routine for new mothers!

Routine Post-accouchement x Les Petits Prödiges

That's it, the little wonder is finally here! Make way for taste buds, hugs and games. But be careful not to neglect yourself, you need to rest and take care of your body to replenish your energy.

Here is the postpartum program that we have concocted for you!

Tip n ° 1: A suitable diet

Return to an (almost) normal diet:

  • Boost your protein dose: To make up for your iron deficiency, if you love it (and have been frustrated with it for 9 months for fear of contracting toxoplasmosis), opt for meat or Fish. In general, to regain strength, eat all protein foods: white meat, fish, eggs (2 eggs = 100g of meat).
    For vegetarians: you can replace meat with cereals, dairy and legumes.
  • Remove as much salt as possible : which promotes water retention.
  • Drink plenty of water , tea or herbal tea to help blood flow.

Tip # 2: Resume the exercise, but still slowly

Return to sports by proceeding in stages:

  • Postures : 1st step, adopt the right postures. Do not breastfeed your baby slumped on your sofa, but keep your back straight and well supported.
  • Abs: In the 3rd week, you can think about abs to strengthen your stomach but without forcing. For example, lying down, arms at your sides, knees bent, feet resting on a low piece of furniture, lift the pelvis while exhaling, push on the arms, dig the upper back to the maximum and raise the buttocks.
  • Perineum: And we get there .... tone the famous perineum by starting with small, simple exercises at home on a chair: well seated, imagine that you want to pee, try to restrain yourself and relax or hold your perineum and breathe as you go up.
No worries, s perineal rehabilitation sessions at the physiotherapist will be prescribed to you by your doctor 6 weeks after childbirth.

And gradually, you will be able to resume swimming, aquagym or cycling and lose the few pounds that play overtime!

Tip 3: Learn to manage your emotions

Do you feel emotional and have doubts about your ability to become a good mother? You are surely the victim of baby blues . Little mentioned during pregnancy, the baby blues is a completely normal postpartum reaction.
This emotional crisis is due to a hormonal upheaval. The morale of the young mother is thus very sensitized.
Above all, don't feel guilty about feeling sad or crying for no apparent reason. Becoming a mother is not easy ...

Some tips to stay positive:

  • Don't stay alone, see people, get out.
  • Talk to your partner or your mom (who probably had the same doubts you did a few years ago).
  • Impose yourself moments of relaxation during the day.

Don't worry, the baby blues only last a few days, then you can fully enjoy your little baby!

Routine Post-accouchement x Les Petits Prödiges

C advice n ° 4: In the 4th week, focus on the skin

Zero stretch mark goal: Drink a lot, exfoliate and moisturize the skin every day
Be patient, the skin of the belly takes 1 year to fully recover ...

Some tips to erase those nasty stretch marks:

  • First of all, use the good old traditional methods : alternate the jets of hot and cold water on the stomach, buttocks, hips and chest and perform circular movements . This will improve circulation and wake up the skin.
  • Refuel with vitamins.
  • Choose suitable beauty products:
    Choose a natural anti-stretch mark cream and make 2 applications per day. Accompany it with a stimulating massage that will promote the penetration of the active ingredients and continue these treatments 4 months after childbirth.
    It is advisable to continue to be vigilant about the compositions, especially if you are breastfeeding, because even if the absorption is not a priori immediate, your baby will be in contact with your skin (breasts, belly).

Tips Les Petits Prodiges : The Odorless Balm Les Petits Prodiges is an effective ally against stretch marks. With its natural formula rich in sweet almond oil, it will gradually erase your stretch marks. Do not hesitate to apply it morning and evening on your belly!
The fact that it has no odor will also ensure that you do not confuse baby by a too strong scent.
If you want some to know more about the ingredients of our prodigious balm, do not hesitate to read this article , which details the benefits!

Avoid : Exposure to the sun of stretch marks during the 1st year, even after applying sunscreen ... < br> Last resort if they have already healed: the dermatologist.

Objective hair regrowth : It is not uncommon for the postpartum hormonal change to make your hair look dull or even cause hair loss. . Don't worry, this is completely normal and temporary.

Some tips to boost the regrowth of your hair:

  • A cure of anti-hair loss capsules + a diet rich in iron: to stop the reaction.
  • Castor oil baths to deeply nourish the roots and promote regrowth.
  • Rich care & serums for your ends.

Tips Les Petits Prodiges : We advise you to use Le Baume Coco Les Petits Prodiges.
Take a dab of balm and warm it in your hands. The balm will turn into oil: apply on the length and ends of the hair (avoid the root!) And leave to sit overnight (rinse well in the morning with shampoo).
Its delicious (but light) the smell of coconut will not leave you indifferent!

Tip # 5: Take some time just for yourself!

Just because you become a mother doesn't mean you don't remain a full woman. Our most important tip from our article is to take care of yourself ! (and your baby of course).

  • Go to the hairdresser, osteopath, beautician or go shopping with a friend.
  • Confide baby to his dad or mom and don't worry about household chores!
  • Take a nap (20 min / day) to relax.
  • Alternate nightly "bottle feeding" missions if you are not breastfeeding
  • Frame visits well: At first, all family / friends will want to come see you. Try to organize the visits as best as possible so that it is not too tiring for you, and do not forget to ask those around you if they are not sick before coming to your house.
  • Don't Lock In: ​​Get some fresh air, meet up with girlfriends in green places to breathe in the fresh air and unwind.

In summary, stay energetic, relaxed, fulfilled to be the most beautiful mother!

Ah we were going to forget, there is no such thing as a perfect mother. Becoming a mother can be learned. Give yourself time to get to know your baby and everything will be fine!

Routine Post-accouchement x Les Petits Prödiges


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