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Women's day

The annual women's rights day has arrived.

We then ask ourselves the question: do we really need a specific day dedicated to us?
Why, in a society where women are fighting more and more for gender equality , we need to have a special day for us?

Okay, we're kinda okay with that. Celebrating women (like men) should be an everyday party, or at least normalcy!

However, today, on this National Women's Day, it remains an opportunity to reflect and take stock of the progress made by women to defend their rights for many years. years. A real bitter struggle, which pays more and more! #GirlPower

Source: Jimbdo

Women's day is not an anti-men day, no, but a day where we can celebrate the rights we have acquired in recent years, because our right to vote is still recent and that equal pay is still not there!
Yes because it is still important to realize that in 1941 (78 years ago) , abortion was always considered a crime, which could be punished by the death penalty! And that rape had to wait 1980 (only 39 years ago!) To be qualified as a crime.

Difficult dates which must be remembered remember, just like the victorious dates that make us women more and more free and autonomous.

A quick update on the major dates (among many others) that have brought us here today:

1907: Married women can receive their salary.
1944: Right to vote for women. < br> 1965: A woman can practice a profession and open a bank account without the husband's permission.
1967: Authorization of contraception
1975: The Veil law authorizes voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) under certain conditions.
1992 : The law penalizes domestic violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.
2001 : The last name of children can be that of the father , that of the mother or both side by side.
2004: Abortion by medication, authorized by law.

Anecdote of April 5, 1971: "The manifesto of 343 sluts"
Thus baptized by the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo , and taken up by the signatories themselves, Le Nouvel Observateur publishes a manifesto signed by 343 known women who declare having aborted (Simone de Beauvoir, Marguerite Duras, Catherine Deneuve, Marie-France Pisier, Françoise Sagan ...).
This text has the effect of a bomb in French society.

As an entrepreneur, this day is all the more important because it reminds us of how uniqueness, daring, and ambition are important values ​​in the world of work.

Because where there is still a heavy fight, it is in the part men / women in the professional universe ... Moreover, we wrote an article on female entrepreneurship.

In France, women represent:

  • 87% nurses
  • 65% of teachers

Did you say “stereotype”?

Yes because, at the same time, women also represent and only :

  • 23% of writers,
  • 33% associations,
  • 16% of surgeons
  • 15% of business leaders *
  • 8% of female entrepreneurs

We say STOP!

As two women entrepreneurs, it is since the day we joined the 8% of women entrepreneurs that our adventure in the cosmetics market also consists of the overwhelming desire to break the codes and overturn the clichés

This day is dear to us, because today we see a future for all women, we want to break stereotypes, surprise, please, and above all do what we like.

Behind our project obviously exists the taste for entrepreneurship and healthy cosmetics, but also the scam of demonstrating to as many people as possible that one can AND be a woman AND decide to take the lead.

From our ambition emanates the desire to create products for all of you, products that are good for the use of all, we rack our brains to always go further in our ideas, and are convinced that women entrepreneurs have a lot to teach us!

Being a woman in today's world does not mean the same everywhere and we are fully aware of that. There is still some way to go and we want to be protagonists by encouraging women to take the step.

So today it is important for us to celebrate women and their rights but also these men who oppose the injustices done to women, those who campaign for our everyday, those who try to empathize and share our daily battles and also which share our lives!


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