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Eczema: origins & natural remedies

Eczéma : remèdes & solutions

Did you know that eczema is a very common condition that affects 2.5 million adults in France? That it has tripled in 30 years in industrialized countries?
And that people with dry and sensitive skin are the most prone to it?

Certainly, but it is not because many of us are annoyed by these ugly red itchy patches that we are reassured for all that…

But first, what triggers this unpleasant inflammation?
Well, unfortunately, we don't really know.
A priori, there is not only one cause, because there isn't just one type of eczema, that would be too simple.
We will retain the 2 most common types, atopic eczema and allergic contact eczema.

Here are some elements that can explain their appearance ...


  • Genetics: Generally, one or both parents also suffer from it.
    Atopic eczema is partly linked to a superficial anomaly of the skin, an alteration of its "barrier function" which makes it vulnerable to the environment.
  • Allergens: Such as pollen, animal dander (flakes of dead skin), mites, dust and molds.
  • Too much hygiene and cleanliness: And yes! The more you strip your skin, the more you defatten it (in other words, you dry it). And by using ever more powerful antibacterials to disinfect the house, we also decimate the good bacteria that help regulate immunity: antibodies, it's vital!
  • The friction: Synthetic fabrics and wool
  • Stress: It is well known, the brain controls everything!
    And the skin being closely connected with the nervous system, it makes the link with the outside and evacuates the stress that is inside.
    Bad news, stress is self-sustaining hence the vicious circle: stress triggers eczema, we scratch, it generates stress and eczema is reactivated…

So, now that we have an idea of ​​the risk factors, what can we do?
You feel like you've tried everything, spent hundreds of dollars on antibacterial creams and start to resign yourself to the idea that there is no effective treatment?

So, sit back and think about well-being!

Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Les Petits Prödiges Here are our tips & natural remedies to try to get rid of this worry that ruins our life ...

Our natural remedies

~ Adapt your daily life

  • Stop washing yourself!
    No, we're kidding… But did you also know that medically speaking, we could limit showers to once or twice a week?
    The right actions to adopt:
    Avoid using perfumed soaps full of allergenic molecules or preservatives
    Prefer washing in clean water or with mild, unscented soaps.
    Use hot, but not hot, water.
  • Wear loose clothes
    Choose all natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or satin. Perfect for summer and so much more comfortable to wear than synthetic!

Les Petits Prödiges tips: In winter, put a T-shirt as the first "layer" under your sweater to limit the irritating effect and the cutaneous reactions of our sensitive skins.

  • Choose an adapted diet
    Indeed, some can be at the origin of allergies responsible for eczema Others are strongly recommended to relieve itching and irritation. < / li>

Here is the top 5 of our shopping list:
1. Salmon (and fatty fish rich in omega 3 such as herring, sardines, anchovies, etc.): they soften your skin and make it more elastic.
The +: fish maintains your brain and your memory!
2 or 3 servings per week (even in a sandwich)
2. Olong tea , blend of black tea and green tea. It helps regenerate the skin thanks to its antioxidant polyphenols and has an anti-inflammatory action thanks to the astringent tannins.
Treat yourself to beneficial “tea breaks” to relieve itching.
3 cups a day with a 3min infusion
3. “Live” yogurts & kefir contain good bacteria to nourish your skin and boost your defenses. They are anti-inflammatory, benefit your gut, and protect your immune system.
There are two types of kefir, water kefir (or fruit kefir) and milk kefir. These are two different fermented drinks: the first is thirst-quenching and slightly sparkling, the second is more acidic and is similar to drinking yoghurt.
One or 2 per day

Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Kéfir - Les Petits Prödiges Kefir

4. Cod liver (Berk!)
Good news, you can just consume its oil in capsules, and thus avoid feeling its strong and unappreciated taste.
It provides omega 3 & EPA (fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties), and reduces itching and inflammation.
5. And for expectant mothers who are breastfeeding : probiotic supplements.
These anti-allergy bacteria may have a preventative effect on eczema that affects pregnant women and babies. They would help strengthen the immune system in young children.

Conversely, here is the top list of foods to erase or at least limit:
~ Cow's milk, eggs, and nuts
~ Heavily processed foods (long list of additives on the label)
~ Citrus fruits
~ Cereals rich in gluten (wheat, rye, barley)
~ Red meat (inflammatory fatty acids). No burgers if you have a blowout!
~ All products containing saturated fat (butter, fat, cold meats, cheese, cream, pastries, cookies
~ Peanut, palm, corn and sunflower oils (their high omega 6 content promotes inflammation)
~ Coffee: acidifying, it can be perceived as an irritant
Overall: reduce sugar!

  • Relax!
    You must at all costs try to live as serenely as possible to reduce your stress.
Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Les Petits Prödiges
  • Be active: Don't force yourself to play sports if you don't like it, but practice simple physical activity such as walking, climbing stairs, etc. If you can, prefer cycling for your daily commute rather than public transport.
  • Come back to nature: Walk in the middle of the forest, sun as often as possible (with protection of course), be barefoot on your lawn to recharge your magnetism, garden, cook … Things that are simple in the end, but that we quickly tend to forget.
  • Get enough sleep: In a cool, dimly lit room, airplane mode for the laptop, choose a good mattress
  • Try aromatherapy : Essential oils act on the skin while harmonizing the nervous sphere
    Some good oils against eczema:
    - Chamomile oil German or Roman: anti-inflammatory
    - Peppermint oil: analgesic & anesthetic
    - Essential oil of tea tree or rose geranium : antiseptic and healing < / li>

Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Aromathérapie - Les Petits Prödiges

  • Take some time for yourself:
    Breathe with your stomach and listen to soft music
    ~ Get a massage
    ~ Take time out for meditation during the day
    ~ Clear your head and let go, finally decide to do relaxation therapy, tai chi or yoga.

~ Foster an adapted skincare routine

We cannot repeat enough that the use of natural products is vital for skin which should not be brutalized by allergens.

Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Les Petits Prödiges

Here is our selection of key ingredients to promote if you have eczema / psoriasis:

  • Olive oil : Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce redness of the skin. It protects cells against further damage, neutralizes free radicals and prevents aging.
  • Coconut oil : It nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin. Her virtues make her the leader of the "anti"!
    Antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, it also contains antioxidants that reduce itching and inflammation.
  • Sweet almond oil: Rich in vitamin E is also in the game! Powerful repairer of the skin, it nourishes it and restores its elasticity.
  • Honey: Magic ingredient used in India for centuries to treat skin problems, of course has a place of choice in the composition of the balm. It reduces irritation, has a strong healing and emollient power: it softens and softens the skin.
  • Vitamin E: It fights both dry skin and itching
  • Calendula vegetable oil: Excellent remedy for sensitive and reactive skin, it is a good repairing and soothing treatment against skin irritations, itching and redness.
Eczéma : Origines & Remèdes naturels - Miel - Les Petits Prödiges

The Tips Les Petits Prödiges : After many unanimous feedback regarding the effectiveness of our "magic" balm » on eczema, we strongly advise you to opt for daily use of the latter, which has enabled many people to reduce the symptoms of this skin disease which are life-threatening of so many of us… And for good reason, it contains many of the ingredients mentioned above! In fact, we have written a article to summarize the benefits of each active ingredient in our balms. Among them: Royal Jelly , Olive oil , Sweet almond oil, arnica, ...
We advise you to opt for Coconut or Neutral balm in order to run no risk (lemon balm contains a tiny percentage of lemon essential oil so we prefer to be careful!)

Remède naturel eczema

A little overview of consumer feedback to convince you:
"I bought you one of your coconut balms, I told you I would give you a return on my big eczema problems… well your product is revolutionary!
After the application I already felt a change in the irritation, my impulsive "scratchings" calmed down but also in the color of the affected areas which also changed! So a really big thank you! I would recommend your product and officially become a loyal customer ”- Laurie

“Excellent remedy for eczema, awesome. I had tried everything; cortisone, overpriced ointments bought in pharmacies, in short, nothing to do. And then I discovered THE miracle cure ... After just a few uses, the difference was clear! Much less plaques, itching soothed, skin repaired ... Really impressive, thank you !!!!!! "- Lisa




ma fille Louise a de l’eczema.
Bravo pour votre baume miracle qui lui a permis de faire disparaître ses plaques, a fortement limité ses démangeaisons et cela en qqes jours.
Ce produit fait maintenant partie de notre routine quotidienne !
Merci Les Petits Prodiges !


Merci pour ces précieux conseils. 🙂🙂


Ce baume est une petite pépite !! Il a grandement soulagé mes périodes de crises !! merci pour vos conseils



J’ai testé le baume et il fonctionne super bien, merci beaucoup pour cette solution vous m’avez sauvé la vie !

Auvray Marylene

J’ai de l’excema
Ça ne passe pas
Quoi faire merci

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