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Les Petits Prödiges take part in the "Black for Good"

You've probably heard about it on social networks, Les Petits Prödiges have joined the Black for Good movement. Sounds pretty good, but that doesn't quite explain how or why we do this.

What is Black Friday?

Originally, it came from our friends in America. On the following Friday Thanksgiving (the fourth Friday in November), the stores are running promotions, each more interesting than the last, in order to encourage as much as possible to consume. This day is also considered a launch day for Christmas shopping, and the last purchases before the end of the year.

Little by little, Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon, if not inevitable.

Why don't we tolerate?

Black Friday is a call for overconsumption , and, given the plight of our beloved planet, we can no longer remain blind and adhere to this kind of marketing approach.
The planet needs us, and all of us ALL , so we're all getting started now, at our scale.

Originally, the first product created by Les Petits Prödiges was a multi-purpose balm : 1 product instead of 10 , to reduce its daily overconsumption and target a more reasoned and responsible routine . If you want to know more about this product, we just tell you here .

In general, our goal is to revisit all the essentials (and only the essentials) of everyday life in " Green & Sexy ".

Green ? 100% natural & transparent formulas, but also ecological packaging.
Sexy ? Colorful designs, attractive scents and pleasant textures.

Indulge yourself by taking care of your health and your planet: it's possible!

As you will understand, there is no logic for Les Petits Prödiges to participate in this massive call for disproportionate consumption.

The problem is that if the small impact brands like us are not present during these sales days, there are others, much bigger and not really having a "Green" objective. and ethics that will take our place.

We have ideas to defend! That of responsible consumption and clean and products made in France 🌿

But suddenly, Les Petits Prödiges are participating in Black Friday?

To tell the truth, no. We are participating in a " Green Friday " on the dates of Black Friday.
We explain:

We have joined the # BlackforGood movement launched by cosmetics brand Typology.

Today, we are more than 50 brands to respond to this call from #Blackforgood, and we are all committed to defending the environment and reasonable consumption by donating part of our profits to impact associations environmental . 🌿
We are not boycotting consumption, but overconsumption.

Les Petits Prödiges will donate 10% of the profits generated during the Black Friday period to the association Race for Water ! 💧

Do you know? Their objective is to prevent plastic waste from reaching waterways and oceans by developing suitable solutions 🌊
Take a look at their page, they explain everything to you, and you can follow their 5-year journey around the world to find adequate solutions to plastic pollution! (by here )

So, shopping for Christmas and wanting to do good business, we understand you But there is a way to do it responsibly by:

  • Buying products from local artisans (limiting the carbon footprint, and promoting Made in France)
  • Buying products that are good for our planet (eco-responsible packaging)
  • Buying products that are good for our health (100% natural formulas)

Now that you have all the tips for being a responsible consumer , no more excuses!


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Chers petits prodiges.
Je suis très contente de lire ce que vous promouvez. Je ne comptais pas participer à ce jour de surconsommation. Mais cela donne une vision très différente des achats de ce jour là. Merci pour votre message. Elle est belle là jeunesse qui s’engage. Signé de la vieille tante qui se tartine de beaume et qui adore ça !

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