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Royal Jelly: Origins, virtues & uses

It is also called "bee milk" or "beehive gold" ... Did you guess?

This is obviously Royal Jelly.

Les bienfaits de la gelée royale - Les Petits Prödiges

You've probably heard of it before, but apart from the fact that it comes from bees and that it's certainly good for your health, not much else ....?

We will enlighten you on this famous jelly!

A little history ...

First of all, it won't surprise you if you are told that Royal Jelly :
is known since Antiquity (like many natural products with multiple virtues ...)
at the At the time, only the rich Chinese used it because it was very rare. They believed that it provided longevity and sexual vigor!
in Eastern Europe, it was already used to fight against stress .
Since 1970, royal jelly has been very popular in Japan where it is found in energy drinks.

Origins of Royal Jelly

Are you wondering where the royal jelly comes from?
Bees of course, but more precisely secretion of bee hive workers .
Alone the queen feeds on them, it is for this reason that she is 5 times bigger than her congeners and that she lives 5 or 6 years longer than them (which die after 45 days!).
Are you starting to have a vague idea of ​​its benefits?

So, yes, royal jelly is miraculous, it is a real concentrate of vital elements.
It could almost be likened to a medicine because of its virtues are numerous.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

  • For our "head":

it boosts our morale: its B vitamins and fatty acids have euphoric effects and help to react against stress and depression.

  • For our body:

it acts as a real stimulant and fortifier for our immune defenses, it fights against infections, it increases our resistance to cold and accelerates recovery after fatigue. < / p>

  • For you sports and / or students:

it improves physical and intellectual performance.

  • For our health:

"Nutritiously" speaking, it treats digestive problems and stimulates the appetite.
Finally, it seems that it even regulates certain hormonal disorders (menstrual cycle and menopause).

How to take advantage of all these unexpected benefits?

On our diet: in cure (for 2 to 3 weeks)
It is recommended to carry out a 1st cure in autumn (to face winter well) and a 2nd at the end of winter. It is also quite possible to consume it continuously throughout the year. As the doses vary according to needs, it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • In food supplements: You can make a cure of 45 days in fresh form, extracts or ampoules.
  • Fresh :

    In its purest state, that's how royal jelly is most effective.
    from 600mg to 1g: take a spoon per day, in the morning before the baby lunch

Tips Les Petits Prödiges: Royal jelly can have a very particular and pronounced taste, which will put off some. Mix it with a teaspoon of honey to soften the pungent side.

  • In capsules:
    Which means that the most skeptical people don't feel this sour taste.
    from 200 to 350 mg / day.
  • In ampoules: in the form of liquid extract
    One ampoule per day, in the morning before breakfast.

On our skin: cream

Thanks to its composition, it has revitalizing and regenerating properties. So don't hesitate to fall for a cream based on royal jelly to cherish your skin.
Natural lifting effect: e It indeed provides the skin with the hydration, vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent the effects of aging.
Booster for your nails & hair: It makes them grow and as a bonus: it helps your scalp fight against dandruff.
Nourishing effect: royal jelly is also the ally of dry and tired skin; it helps them regain their radiance.
Remedy against eczema: Finally, it fights eczema, helps fight acne and even heal better after injury.
Acne remedy

Tips Les Petits Prodiges: Imagine that, among the 7 ingredients that make up our magic balm, we find the famous Royal Jelly! We absolutely wanted our balms to be composed of Royal Jelly fully aware of its incredible virtues.

Moreover, our balms contain other prodigious ingredients, you can find the list explained just here ! And for a zoom on Olive Oil, another ingredient in our balm, here is an article just for you.

Les bienfaits de la gelée royale - Les Petits Prödiges

A tip : choose your product wisely because royal jelly is of course found in many treatments or regenerating creams.
Prefer natural or organic products, which will not contain any toxic substance for your skin and which also guarantee royal jelly without pesticide residues.

So, convinced?




Tellement convaincue que je regrette de ne pas trouver où pouvoir l’acheter malgré que je cherche depuis 20 mn sur votre site et il n’y a aucun moyen ici. C’est dommage car mon conjoint en as absolument besoin en urgence pour de l’eczéma suintant sur les lèvres et qui en plus craquellent par la sècheresse et un gonflement de la peau du cou très rouge ,sur le devant , plus les boutons classiques sur le corps… est-ce que ce baume serait adapté pour tout cela?


merci pour vos informations. Pourriez-vous nous donner quelques adresses où acheter de la gelée royale. Je n’ai pas de producteurs proche de chez moi, je voulais acheter sur internet. Je veux acheter francais, mais les prix sont plus chers. J’ai trouvé sur ce site de la gelée royale francaise et biologique. Comment puis-je avoir confiance ? quelqu’un connait ? ou Famille Mary ? Merci de vos conseils. Domi

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