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BIBA: Creams for everything

BIBA : Les Crèmes à tout faire - Les Petits Prödiges
Swiss Army knives, these treatments come to the rescue of all skin types. All-in-one formulas ideal when the thermometer is plummeting.

What is this trend? We can see the legendary blue box of Nivea Cream launched in 1911 (at the time it was yellow), the ancestor of these moisturizing, protective, nutritious, adapted treatments to all skin types, women and men. Some are tested to also be suitable for children and to apply to the body. Their great interest? Ensure healthy skin in just one step and for a very reasonable price. In a century, the formulas have been perfected in terms of sensoriality, textures, and active ingredients, readily using cocktails of vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant active ingredients. Many are also more natural, following the logic of "consuming less but better" which is leading us to review our consumption patterns today.

Who is it for? Minimalism enthusiasts, those who spend their time traveling.
I adopt it , whatever your skin type, we are entitled to it.
However, you can choose a more or less thick texture, a fluid or a balm, and dose the amount according to the need for nutrition.
As a cosmetic "detox" cure , you can swap your entire skincare routine for this unique cream, morning and evening. Enough to leave her skin a little quiet, giving her only the essentials.
After a day in the cold, apply your treatment in a thick layer and leave on for a quarter of an hour as a comforting mask. massage or remove the excess with a tissue.
When traveling , this is the practical option, one tube is enough for the whole family.


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