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Clémentine Granet and Camille Brégeaut: The Prödiges of Cosmetics

Forget the austere packaging of beauty products in the organic departments of your favorite stores! Indulging yourself by taking care of your health and the planet is possible. Camille and Clémentine (Grande École 2015) proved it by creating in 2017 the Petits Prödiges , a 100% natural cosmetics brand that has already won over hundreds of thousands of customers thanks to to its intoxicating scents and colorful designs. No doubt you'll be one of them - if you haven't already - after this interview!
What was the starting point of this great adventure?
The idea of ​​doing business together had been trotting in our heads for a long time, but we first wanted to take our first steps in business to better understand the beauty market, acquire legitimacy with our future partners and build a network. solid. After three years in marketing at Estée Lauder (Camille) and in purchasing at Birchbox and then Beauté Privée (Clémentine), we felt ready to embark on entrepreneurship: no loans, no children, no risks. We quickly came to an agreement on the idea of ​​creating a cosmetics brand that we could be clients of. This is how "Les Petits Prödiges" was born.
What should you remember about your brand?
Les Petits Prödiges is a 100% natural and Made In France cosmetics brand. We have created a “Green” range (100% natural and transparent formulas, ecological packaging) and “Sexy” (colorful designs, attractive scents, pleasant textures). We offer a multi-purpose balm (face and body care, makeup remover, aftershave, beard balm, aftersun, etc.) and a vegan deodorant in a biodegradable cardboard tube. We were very well received and are still experiencing triple-digit growth today with only two products.
How do you explain such enthusiasm?
Our clients share our values ​​and the desire to switch to a more responsible lifestyle, but not at the expense of the pleasure of a beauty routine. We leave no detail to chance: composition, design, scents, communication, etc. It doesn't cost more to offer pretty packaging and dreamy fragrances: why not?
You are certainly not going to stop there: what are your plans?
We want to develop the essentials of the beauty hygiene routine and become a reference in this niche in France and internationally. We also plan to launch new products in the coming months: a solid soap (shower gel effect with guaranteed smoothness and foam), a solid shampoo, toothpaste and washable cottons. Without forgetting some little surprises to come ...
What did the Iéseg training bring you?
Beyond the training itself, we realize with hindsight and by recruiting trainees, that the School inculcates a certain way of thinking and acting! We find in the graduates the same rigor and dynamism which are specific to them, which make them fighters and genuine Swiss Army knives. We will end with a piece of advice: don't hesitate to get started in entrepreneurship: it only comes out positive ...
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