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Closer: The green beauty of Marine Lorphelin

Our cotton flower deodorant is one of Marine Lorphelin's "very green" favorites! More than three years ago, Miss France 2013 decided to turn to products with low ecological impact. Today, she shares her green routine and her favorite products with Closer.

"It's a general awareness. More and more people are asking questions about the ecological impact of products. One wonders about what is in the formulas, what the we put on our skin, how to take care of ourselves and the planet at the same time. "

"First, I switched to solid cosmetics for shampoo and deodorant. I examine INCI lists. I avoid formulas containing silicones, endocrine disruptors [...]. I am also very pay attention to packaging. I look at the type of resins used, I prefer cardboard or recycled plastic packs. "


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