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Glamor Paris - Coronavirus: how to prevent skin irritation caused by wearing a mask?

Glamour - Coronavirus : protéger sa peau irritée par le port d'un masque avec le baume multi-usage Les Petits Prödiges
Breathing, humidity and the friction imposed by the mask can irritate the skin of the face. Here is how to prevent and cure these inflammations.

On April 22, the National Academy of Medicine called for a " citizen mobilization for the wearing of the mask ". Indeed, as the conditions of deconfinement take shape, one thing seems certain, the French will have to wear a mask for their movements, at least. Even if the health reasons are not called into question, an inconvenience could arise. Worn repeatedly, the fabric will subject the skin to unfortunate friction. To which must be added a certain humidity due to perspiration , abrasive textiles, make-up, dust… Consequences? Irritations around the edges of the mouth, acne, redness… How to prevent and cure these minor inconveniences?

# 1 Do not skimp on cleaning
Between breathing, perspiration and dust, the area trapped in the mask will not be able to remain clear all day. Also, as soon as we have the opportunity, we do a toilet. In the evening, favor a gentle exfoliant. Perform a systematic cleaning at the end of the day, using a brush for better results.

# 2 Do not not smother the skin with makeup
Now is the perfect time to do a makeup detox. Indeed, the foundation would only further clog the pores of the skin already suffocated by the mask. And, you can't have a flawless lipstick down there. Surely the right time to work on a very elaborate eye makeup .

# 3 Do not neglect the back of the ears
Already very stressed by the hair, the back of the ears - where the skin is very thin - will suffer from the friction imposed by the links of the mask. In the evening, it would be good to apply a moisturizing balm on this area.

# 4 Homemade mask, choose a soft fabric
The National Academy of medicine announced: " It is possible, in each family, to make 'artisanal', 'alternative', 'screens' or 'barriers' fabric masks, washable and reusable from common materials not expensive . " Many people have drawn on tutorials online. To limit irritation on the skin, avoid synthetic materials and prefer natural materials such as cotton as a first layer, in contact with the skin.

# 5 Hydrate
Now is not the time to do an irritating peel or good to load the skin in active. No, when wearing a mask, you should prefer soft and rich moisturizers . Fragrance-free balms, petroleum jelly, calendula or arnica cream will be popular.

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