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Le Monde talks about the Little Prödiges!

On 02/17/2018, M du Monde published a nice article on Les Petits Prödiges and the journey of Camille, the co-founder of the brand.

Head of Researcher section:

The prodigious friend.

After two years as a product manager within the Estée Lauder group,
Camille Brégeaut wanted more simplicity. "I realized that in cosmetics
we use too many products, the ingredient lists are long, and that
becomes incomprehensible to consumers. " At 26, the young girl from Cannes,
who grew up between Moscow, Yerevan and Prague, is not afraid of change.
With Clémentine Granet, a friend met in business school,
she launches Les Petits Prödiges, a multifunction care product for the face and
the body, formulated with only seven natural ingredients. "If our balms
seduce, we would like to develop all the essentials of the bathroom, a
shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant… ”The beginnings are promising.
A pre-order campaign, launched in October on the
Ulule crowdfunding, had reached over 400% of the initial target. C.Dh.


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