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DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) which challenge the cosmetics industry

No doubt, the cosmetics market is doing well. Creams, serums, deodorants, soaps… The list of promises that these products offer us is sometimes as long as the list of their composition. But independent brands born on the web or DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) are committed to changing this over the long term and to prioritizing action over fine words.

Les Petits Prödiges, one for all and all-in-one

Les Petits Prödiges, in one sentence? Multi-purpose balms for your beauty routine

Why is it breaking the codes? Because the time when we spent hours in front of the mirror applying all kinds of creams and of serums is over. The multi-purpose balm designed by Les Petits Prödiges is an all-in-one product. Day cream, lip balm, eye contour… It doesn't yet make coffee, but that wouldn't be surprising! Made in France, eco-friendly and with gourmet scents, these little balms will quickly find their place in your bathroom.

And what's next? The Petits Prödiges range has expanded with the appearance of new solid deodorants which are also great as small multi-purpose balms. Other products in preparation? We don't know yet, but we hope very much from this ultra innovative DNVB!

And the best part is - for once - you don't feel guilty about indulging yourself. Today, thanks to these brands, having fun rhymes with doing yourself good. Taking care of yourself starts there. Come on, we'll leave you, we have some “beautiful” orders to pass!


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