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L'Etudiant Trendy - Beauty: 3 brands of natural cosmetics to be eco-friendly, even on your skin

This small French brand aims to simplify the beauty routine by going back to basics and making it greener while respecting the skin. For this, it offers eco-responsible, biodegradable products, made in France, and above all, which are not tested on animals and do not contain no paraben, no preservative, no sulphate or alcohol. On the menu: multi-purpose magic balms, which can be used as much in facial care, in body care, as in makeup remover, lip balm or hair care, as well as natural deodorants which have the particularity of be made from recyclable and biodegradable cardboard.

I was able to test both products and I can only recommend them. Besides being biodegradable, the packaging is top notch, made of colors as soft as they are fresh, and the smell is a delight. There are three: Cotton Flower, Charcoal & Eucalyptus and Lemon & Bergamot. I tested this last scent and it is tangy while remaining soft and pleasant. As for the products, the balm melts on the skin, moisturizes it well and leaves it soft . By removing makeup, it also works very well. And the deodorant, it does its job, it lasts all day. In short, it is adopted!


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