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Madame Figaro: Why it is essential to treat your lips every day

The advice of Augustinus Bader, guru skincare of Victoria Beckham to treat this delicate area, especially in this period of low temperatures and wearing of the mask.
If we often speak of the eye area as an extremely delicate area, the skin of the lips is also particularly thin and fragile. “Unlike the rest of our skin, the mouth has no hydro-lipid film or sebaceous glands (which secrete sebum). As a result, it does not have the same lipid or hydration reserves as the rest of the body. And is more sensitive and less armed against external elements, ”explains Professor Augustinus Bader. This specialist in regenerative medicine has convinced many personalities with his approach to skincare and his advanced treatments. Starting with Victoria Beckham, with whom he imagined a line of products for the face. Irina Shayk, Lily Allen, Kate Bosworth or Rita Ora are also part of the followers of the work of the man who in 2008 invented a gel that heals the wounds of severe burns without going through surgery or skin grafts.
The balm to treat yourself this winter:

Winter + mask, the wrong combo

Not surprisingly, the winter period requires special attention to take care of this area. “We often have to deal with pretty drastic temperature changes between overheated interiors and the cold outside. The lips are all the more prone to dryness. ” Professor Bader therefore recommends applying, during the colder months, very nourishing formulas that will help retain moisture in the skin "but also provide real protection to resist external aggressions". These advices apply particularly in this period when an additional test is imposed: that of the mask. “It is essential to regularly apply a dedicated treatment to build a barrier effect that will prevent water loss and nourish them.”

Act against the effects of time

To keep lips soft and full over the years, again it is important not to neglect the attention given to this area. “The collagen in our lips (as in all of our skin) begins to decrease with age. Therefore, to prevent the first signs of aging, treating this part should really be part of our daily routine, ”explains the Swiss expert. He therefore recommends applying a dedicated treatment at least morning and evening. “On the other hand, I do not recommend erasing this area directly, but rather the surrounding skin. Then, you can apply your balm whenever you want, as many times as you want during the day to maintain hydration and strengthen its barrier role. "

Last tip to make sure the mouth stays beautiful? A light massage that can help stimulate circulation in the lips, and therefore boost the production of natural collagen. And Professor Bader concludes with the ultimate advice: “Make sure you drink enough water every day!”


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