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Maddyness: Les Petits Prödiges, cosmetics good for the skin and the planet

The arrival of Yuka has profoundly disrupted the consumption habits of the French by giving them back the power of “knowledge”. After food, awareness has duplicated in the cosmetics industry. Now, consumers are looking for products that are more respectful of their health and the planet, as evidenced by the madness of Do It Yourself. Camille Brégeaut and Clémentine Granet did not escape this great movement when they saw the endless list of ingredients in their beauty products.

Practical and natural products

Friends since childhood, they decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure in 2017 with a range of balms without harmful products, respectful of the environment and the body of women. Goodbye sulphate, alcohol, paraben and preservatives, the products of Petits Prödiges contain only 7 ingredients.
Multi-purpose, the balms can be used as a body moisturizer or makeup remover, which also helps reduce the number of bottles in the bathroom. To develop their recipes, the two founders joined forces with a chemist working in the south of France, in Nice. The range is also stamped cruelty free, which means that no animal testing is performed.

A success as soon as it is put on the market

After blowing out its first candle, the Petits Prödiges launched a vegan deodorant packaged in a biodegradable tube in early 2019. For each of the campaigns carried out by the brand, the success was immediate with 400% of presales for the balm and 1180% for the deodorant. The founders are already planning to bring new products to market in 2020.

The range is available in a few stores in Ile-de-France or on the internet from 12.90 euros for deodorants and 14.90 euros for balms.

By Anne Taffin, 12/9/2019.


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