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Paulette - Favorites: beauty, goodness and well-being

With Les Petits Prödiges, Camille Brégeaut and Clémentine Granet have been simplifying our beauty routine since 2017. Their first feat of arms: an all-purpose balm to moisturize, remove makeup, heal and soothe the skin. To develop it, they relied on a natural recipe, purified of chemicals found in the competition. Three years later, the two entrepreneurs transform the test by imagining this time, with their laboratory in the south of France, a deodorant whose composition consists of twelve ingredients. A product that has the advantage of being vegan, guaranteed cruelty free, and of smelling as good as a lemon-bergamot infusion. To please everyone, it also comes with notes of eucalyptus and charcoal, cotton flower, and even has an odorless version, suitable for pregnant women and sensitive skin, because it is devoid of essential oils. , baking soda and perfume. On the packaging side, consistency is also there: the packaging is fully biodegradable. In short, a deodorant that really does us good.

€ 12.90 for the deodorant

and € 14.90 for multi-purpose balms


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