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Cocorico: 3 French organic cosmetics brands to follow

If you are one of those women who swear by organic and responsible beauty products, these 3 committed brands Made in France should please you ...

The trend towards ethical and organic care is certainly not new, but it is growing. And that's good, because our skin needs the essentials and not the superfluous. Zoom in on three pretty French brands that all share at least one common goal: to create natural care that is gentle, good for the skin and respectful of the planet. Presentation.

Les Petits Prödiges

Camille and Clémentine have known each other since school and if they kept their taste for cosmetics from their first professional life, they decided to approach it differently. The idea? Go back to basics! The bet was met with the birth of Petits prödiges balms, designed in a small laboratory in the south of France.

The? range An ultra-short, readable and accessible range of products. There are effective multi-purpose magic balms (hands, lips, hair, face, aftersun, aftershave ...) formulated with only 8 natural ingredients. To come, 100% natural deodorants of course (charcoal & eucalyptus, cotton flower ...), in production at the time of this writing.

Bonus : the tangy look of these small balms, suitable for both adults and children, and the minimum price (14.90 euros) for a good organic product to do everything!

Where to find them? Online , at Galeries Lafayette, at Merci ...


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