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Forbes France - The Most Influential New Organic Cosmetics Brands

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Organic cosmetics are on the rise. This sector, which did not yet exist 20 years ago, was equivalent to 757 million euros in 2018. At the origin of the boom in the sector, a new generation of women who are surfing the trends of the moment: organic or clean beauty. The influencer marketing platform Traackr has identified the most influential women-founded French beauty brands in this industry. Awards.

1. Nuxe

Nuxe comes first in terms of its VIT score, but it is also the most mentioned brand by influencers. Founded by Aliza Jabès, Nuxe is a pioneer brand in cosmetology of natural origin. NUXE has grown into a global group in less than thirty years, present in nearly 60 countries.

2. Garancia

Belonging to a family of pharmacists spanning four generations, Savéria Coste has decided to develop a range of dermo-cosmetics emphasizing products that respect the skin and health.

3. Love Skincare

Mathilde Lacombe co-founded Aime two years ago with the intention of reconciling the inside with the outside through products such as probiotics and natural skin care.

4. Payot

Payot was born from Nadia Payot's vision 100 years ago. Ahead of her time, Nadia very early on affirmed her desire to put her scientific and herbalism expertise into the care she developed.

5. Les Petits Prödiges

Founded in 2017 by two university friends, Camille and Clémentine, this brand aims to offer a range of eco-responsible treatments with a limited number of ingredients.


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