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Widoobiz - "Being a woman entrepreneur is more of an advantage"

Clémentine, co-fondatrice de Les Petits Prödiges, pour Widoobiz

Last February, Le Village by CA Paris organized its first Pitch Party entirely dedicated to female entrepreneurship. On this occasion, Widoobiz wanted to interview some of the female entrepreneurs present. Meeting with Clémentine Granet, co-founder of Les Petits Prödiges.

Les Petits Prödiges, a “green and sexy” brand

" Les Petits Prödiges is a brand of 100% natural cosmetics, made in France and eco-responsible". Created in 2017 by two women, Clémentine Granet and Camille Brégeaut, the brand intends to revisit the essentials of the hygiene and beauty routine in “Green and Sexy”. Manufactured in a small laboratory in the South of France, these products, deodorants and multi-purpose balms, breathe the sun thanks to a Mediterranean packaging.

Far from wanting to change the world, the two partners came up with the idea of ​​Les Petits Prödiges when they decided to consume more responsibly. The two entrepreneurs could not find cosmetics that matched them. Organic lacked that "pleasure" side that we love so much in beauty products. They have therefore decided to create their own brand that meets these criteria of eco-responsibility (green) and pleasure (sexy). "Because there must be plenty of people who are like us. "

Being a woman entrepreneur, an advantage

"It is true that today there are few women entrepreneurs. 8% is a low figure, but already increasing. "

Asked about her experience as a business founder, Clémentine admits not having encountered too great difficulties. She admits, however, that fundraising is more complicated when you're a woman. “It's not that we are less courageous,” she says, “but maybe we have fewer codes. "

The two partners have nevertheless taken up the challenge. Clémentine Granet believes that they have managed to find a place for themselves. For this, she thanks the many support programs for women entrepreneurs who support young female start-ups. Pitching in front of female entrepreneurs at the Village by CA Paris Pitch Party represents an incredible opportunity for her. This is an opportunity to make yourself known, to build a network but also to receive help from other people who have already been there. A great help that allows her to be positive. For her, being a woman entrepreneur is "more of an advantage than a disadvantage".


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