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New green challenge for 2020: Zero waste objective in my bathroom!

Who says January says big back-to-school resolutions, right? We know that when we come back from vacation, we have our toiletry bag with our dozens of cosmetic products of which we have used half ... And when it comes time to put it away, we say to ourselves "I really should sort all this out to have more space in my bathroom… ”

We have the solution! We give you little tips and advice to get back (or go) to the essential green of your beauty routine , all this, in a zero waste objective .

Zero waste is trendy, but maybe it's a bit ambitious, right!?
In addition, in 1 era view, just because you use shower gel and an aerosol deodorant once a day does not mean that you are endangering the planet. No, of course ... but if everyone thinks like this, no improvement is possible!

We start every week by opening our trash can to throw in yet another cotton pad that bounces and falls back on our feet because the trash can is full! We have the impression of spending our life emptying it… And it's probably true: sanitary textiles still represent 34 kg per inhabitant and per year!
With that, we can only decide to gradually adopt a green routine!

In fact, it's easier than it looks. It saves savings , it's good for your health and in addition, we preserve the planet . What a bonus, no? Why not have thought about it sooner? Yes, we also wonder…

To start, we advise you to go there in 3 steps :

1. Sort your products

Take inventory of your bathroom products and determine which products you REALLY use . We may have countless products in our bathroom, but we always use the same ones. This will allow you to go back to basics of your products, and when it comes time to buy back, only take the ones you really use. In the meantime, finish your products you don't use, or give them to interested people. It’s always better than messing up. Even if it means being zero waste, you might as well be zero waste !

2. Ask yourself the right questions to help you find alternative solutions to these essential products

  • Could a multi-purpose product (and natural of course) not replace my makeup remover, my face cream, my body milk, my hand cream, my lip stick… ?

If one product can replace several, you gain 100%: less expensive, less packaging, more space in your bathroom, easier to transport ... Now is the time!

  • What packaging can I remove ?

The container of the product (in tube or jar), or the container of the container: Indeed, often, the products are on -packaged, and as for the materials used, it is not the top ecology level.

3. Adopt green alternatives to essential products

There are more and more products that are essential in our everyday life that are part of our green routine .

  • Bulk products

You can buy your shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in bulk to put in a pretty glass bottle reusable for example.At least you choose your eco-friendly packaging which will match perfectly with your bathroom! Not bad isn't it?

The Naked Shop à Paris

  • Products in solid form: the must have

Bar soap:

More green than shower gel, and more economical because it lasts much longer Made with 100% vegetable oil (like Aleppo soap, for example ), we advise you to take one that is cold saponified because in them, the vegetable glycerin is preserved, and this is what is necessary for hydration.

It's convenient, zero waste, good for us. It even gives a little retro side, to do as in the days of our grandparents!


There are more and more solid deodorants , available in aluminum or glass jars, or in recyclable cardboard packaging . Usually this equates to about 2 regular stick deodorants. Once again, economical and green.


It allows for less greased hair and therefore cleaner . Same principle as bar soap: healthy , eco-friendly , natural , zero waste , more economical and which lasts much longer than liquid shampoo!


Practical, economical, natural and less aggressive than its tube counterpart; or try to use aluminum or recycled plastic tubes.

And for fans of DIY , there are plenty of minute recipes with everything in your kitchen cupboards to make shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste and other cosmetic products.
For the less manual, there is Les Petits Prödiges , which allows you to get back to basics and limit your waste with multi-purpose balm , or even deodorant solid in a biodegradable tube!

To learn more about our multi-purpose balm, it's just here !

  • The best of the green: sustainable accessories !

The toothbrush :

It is possible to purchase some with interchangeable heads to reduce the use of plastic.
The Zero waste tip : the bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles (recyclable) or with boar bristles (fully compostable).

Cotton swabs :

We don't say it enough, but it's such an ecological disaster that they will be banned in France from January 1 st , 2020 with the Biodiversity law of 2016 (phew!).
Don't wait and start using organic cotton and paper cotton swabs now.
The Zero waste tip : the oriculi, is a bamboo or stainless steel stick with a curved end that cleans the ear.

Cotton discs and washable make-up removing wipes :

Made in washable fabric so they can be reused indefinitely! Easy to make or available on the Internet or in zero waste stores, these wipes are practical, eco-friendly and will save you money.
We recommend bamboo fiber wipes , this material has degreasing properties , and thanks to this, even no need for makeup remover, you just need to moisten the fabric and pass it over your face.

Periodic protection :

We know that hygienic protections represent big costs that cannot be avoided.Just like cottons and washable wipes, there are washable towels , made in France and with glamorous decorations It is the same principle as a classic sanitary napkin, only, instead throw it away, wash it carefully, and the next day: rebelote! And this at least for 2-3 years.

If you prefer, there is the cup a menstrual cup in silicone, reusable , which you can keep 6 hours, without any possible accident. An ecological solution, which is profitable in a few months and reusable for 5 years!

Loofah washcloths :

Composed entirely of 100% natural fibers from a dried exotic fruit, loofah will have many uses in your bathroom. Exfoliation, exfoliant, cleanser, in the form of a glove or sponge, it allows your skin to regain its elasticity, eliminate dead skin, stimulate blood circulation ... In short, another little gem good for you and for the planet!

With all this, there is no more reason not to have a green bathroom! In addition, it saves money, so how can you not be won over?

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to take a look at our zero waste challenge in the office or our zero waste challenge in the kitchen !

And you want to be told a secret?
Among all these magical products mentioned in this article, we will soon be launching 4!


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