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These green beauty brands that we will love!

Consume differently, consume more consciously to protect both your skin and the planet. It is the principle of green beauty which highlights natural cosmetics, sometimes organic, vegan and sustainable. And if we still have progress to make in France, many cosmetic brands have embarked on the adventure for our greatest pleasure.

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Rec Innovation - Les Petits Prödiges: female entrepreneurship in the service of natural cosmetics

The beauty routine is a huge source of waste. Between the bottles, tubes, and jars, 75,000 tonnes of packaging for cosmetic and hygiene products are thrown away each year in France . The equivalent of the weight of ten Eiffel Towers. Created in 2017 , by two women, Clémentine Granet and Camille Brégeaut, the brand Les Petits Prödiges proposes to ​​ revisit the essentials of the hygiene and beauty routine.

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